Some recent oldies but goldies.

  1. I was looking through my pics on photobucket. I don't think I ever displayed these particular Chloe's close up. If I did I'm sorry, I don't remember. I love these purses, all of them! Talking about the different Chloe styles got me revved up!

  2. Yeah baby sis - you are looking faboo! I am jealous as always!!!
  3. Love the off white edith boots....YUM YUM!:sweatdrop::drool:
  4. Not to be so? With the clutch of bags you accumulated. Oye!

  5. See....I think men relate to the cheerleader thing, LOL
  6. Fabulous!!!!! You can never post Chloe pics to many times, Chloe everything is so delicious!!!!
  7. I love these pics but I love your sister to sister banter most! :p
  8. divnanata & susieserb - do you two have matching dogs ???

    Have seen both your avatars numberous times and never noticed that ha ha

    How sweet :amuse:
  9. ^Yes we DO have matching dogs. I had the first one - "Spanky" and then both of my younger sisters bought his neices - Chloe (no affiliation!) and Ruby - from the same breeder. Oddly enough, each creature resembles its respective owner. Susie's is hyper frenetic and obsessive and cute as a button. Mine is a couple pounds bigger and is lazy and super affectionate and our middle sis has a pampered princess.
  10. ^ LOL Div - you really make me laugh!

    And susie - HOT boots! Although you have the legs to go with them, so of course they look good... va-va-va-voom!
  11. Love the bags and boots. I have been eyeing a pair of white Chloe boots myself. The Betty is absolutly gorgeus and seems practical as well.
  12. Great pics, really like the off-white Tracy and!!
  13. I'm loving ur Paddy, i really like that style. I didn't realise you were sisters, does that mean you lend and borrow each others beautiful Chloes? I wish my siser had the same bag tastes as me!
  14. Susie, they're all SO pretty! I hate to show my ignorance, but what is the name of the first bag, I REALLY like it!
  15. That tote is great! Those boots are hot!!!