some questions: what is the most popular birkin size?

  1. is it the 30 or the 35cm ???? i was offered a 35cm today but it seemed guargantuan to me. what is the most popular color besides black?
  2. 35 is most common I believe.
  3. I think the 35cm seems to be the most popular at least on this forum. I Know what you mean about the huge and the 30cm is too small...sounds like The Three Bears...LOL. It's like trying to find the one that is "just right".
  4. 35 is the "most desirable" according to most SA's but the 30's seem to be getting quite popular. Seems that the 35 is a starter size.
  5. Hermesaholic,

    I agree that the 35 cm seems huge, but then again, I'm only 5 feet tall.

    Perennial favorites seem to be neutrals like black, brown, gold, rouge H. For colors, I think blue jean still is *very* popular.
  6. 35 here, but apparently 30's are gaining in popularity!
  7. I just got my first 30 (I've been meaning to post photos) and it looked sooooo tiny at first, but now the 35 is looking big and clumsy in comparison. So I may be a 30 convert. Actually, it's good having both for variety.
  8. I Like The 35 For Myself.....But, As I Have Smaller In Kellys...I Wouldn't Be Surprised If I Do The Same With Birkins.

    As For Color...I Love Black....I Could Get Every Bag In Black (I Think?).....I Think Raisin Is A Gorgeous (Somewhat) Neutral!
  9. I like the 35 -- the 30 does seem small, but I like big bags. I think I want a smaller Kelly though -- just starting my wishing and plotting.
  10. I'd have to say the 35, followed closely by the 30- then the 40, with 25 greatly trailing.
  11. I am solidly a 35cm user. I think that size depends on your height and how much you carry also.
  12. 30cm is popular in Singapore - it is a handbag :heart:
    35cm - I don't own one but it is a good size bag for girls (minus the weight factor) :p

    Like a lot of lovely ladies have advised me, it will be good to own both :nuts: :sweatdrop:
  13. I personally prefer big bags and I'm 5'1! I loooove the 35- take the 35. Kellys, well that's different, but still I have 32s but would prefer 35s.
  14. ^^I love the 35 Kellys too and I'm 5'4"!
  15. I have 2 35's and just purchased a 30. At first it looked small, then you become accustomed to it. I think when it's hot outside the 30 will feel better. My favorite bag though is the 35 gold w/gold. I'm pretty tall...5'7".