Some Questions Please Help!

  1. Hello every one!!
    I've some question to ask you... Dior expert!

    I've fell in love with Gaucho for such a long long time! and I think:wondering I may get a hand on one.... but before that I've to ask some question first.
    - i've about $1600 or less to spend on a bag, which I think that I may like to have the tote one.
    - I saw another tote style which have the zip on top and have longer straps, which one look better?
    - I'll go to China next month which I think dat I'll buy the bag there. Dose the price in China cheaper than the US?
    - Which color Is The BEST!? (I persanally like Red and Green Aged)
    - I saw the new collection from the runway... "JEANNE" collection well,the bag did look gorgeous in white! but it is too expensive for me but THEN!:yahoo: :wtf: :drool: I saw the super gorgeous belt from this collection aswell !! and it cost about $550 which i also wanted to have too!!!!! so do you guys think I can get them both in the Duty or any where:confused1: please help! (Check out this new collection at > Online Boutique > handbags > latest style)

    THANKS!:yes: :p
  2. Hi Ruktam!

    Personally I like the zippered Gaucho tote more only because I like the shape of it better, but it's HUGE and although big bags are in style, I'm not sure if they need to be THAT it's around $400 more than the magnetic-snap tote. If size and $$$ aren't an issue, I'd definitely go for the large zippered tote (I prthink the aged green will look better with this style).

    As for the prices, I think any of the Dior boutiques in Asian countries have cheaper prices, because you don't have to pay sales tax (or is that just in Hong Kong?) and that saves a lot of money right there.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions/ideas?:smile:

  3. Thanks! I've mail to Dior to ask about the price in China, but dose anybody know if it is cheaper in China? thanks!
  4. MayDay, I now want the double flap one in red aged, but the price is too high for me, so should I buy it from eBay? cause I saw one thats only $1200 !?:confused1: but any way I'll have to wait until next month at the time come do you think the Gaucho will still pop up on eBay? :confused1: :crybaby:
  5. Hi Ruktam!

    $1200 is too much for a Gaucho double saddle on Ebay. I've seen so many authentic ones sell for less. I also know which auction you're talking about. Do NOT bid on that auction because the seller stole the pics from another are the auctions:

    (here's the one with the stolen pics)
    eBay: NEW AUTH CHRISTIAN DIOR GAUCHO PURSE/HANDBAG IN RED! (item 140086472740 end time Feb-19-07 22:42:03 PST)

    (here's the original listing from which the pics were stolen)
    eBay: AUTH CHRISTIAN DIOR SADDLE BAG GAUCHO HANDBAG PURSE NR! (item 200079691999 end time Feb-21-07 16:02:38 PST)
    (the bag in this auction is authentic, and you should bid on this instead because it may end for a LOT less)

    I would NOT bid on the first auction because you don't know if they're going to sell you a fake one. I mean, if I had a real one to sell, why would I steal someone else's pics?
  6. i personally would prefer the magnetic button close tote to the zippered one, although i've only ever seen the button ones IRL. i've only seen the zippered one on ebay. that said, i like both the red and the green. the red seems like a very flattering colour on anyone though. the green is absolutely lovely, but when i tried on the green, it just looked dull on me unfortunately. perhaps you should go to the boutique and see what works best for you.

    i think any price difference between dior china and dior usa would be from the currency conversion and perhaps taxation. i'm not sure how taxation works in china, but i know hong kong (which is ferry ride? away from china) is tax-free. the catch though is i think i've heard of girls complaining that the new lines are always quickly snapped up by the new-monied women in china, but i really haven't got a clue about how it is there. i do know that hong kong has a flagship dior store (and a dior makeup store all by itself - rather than just a counter) and they seem to have a more extensive range. i've compared the prices in hk to that of singapore's and hk does have it cheaper (due to again, currency conversion and taxation, since singapore charges a 5% goods & services tax).

    i've not seen the jeanne belt but it'd be a nice range to have and i would think it's better to get it in store since you can touch it and try it on to see how it goes with your wardrobe. sometimes the pictures on the website don't convey 100% how the item is like IRL.

    have a great trip by the way! and do post pictures of your new purchases! ;)