Some questions from a newbie

  1. I just found this forum and I am really enjoying it! Three questions -

    1 - Is the mandarin speedy still made or can it be special ordered? If so what is the price?

    2 - Does the Pouchette fit in a speedy 25?

    3 - What is a cles?

  2. I think it's still made (not positve) check or 800-vuitton.

    the pochette does fit in the speedy 25 but I would imagine it would be tight.

    a cles is a small rectangular pouch 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"
  3. They are discontinuing the mandarin color. There are a few random pieces available here and there.

    The price would depend on the specific item you are buying. You can go on ELuxury and look at Epi items to get an idea of prices.

    FYI: Some - not all - Mandarin pieces have a cat-pee smell.
  4. a cles:



  5. As far as I know (I was told this by a manager of LV store in Toronto this Saturday) mandarin color is still in production and there are no plans to discontinue it any time soon (or at least that she knows of). FYI, there is a mandarin speedy 30 available for sale at Toronto LV store.
  6. oh that sounds beautiful! Must've been an SO. Right now I really want to SO a mandarin Keepall and Abbesses. :love:

    I agree- beware the cat pee smell!
  7. 1. Yes, the mandarin speedy is still in production, I've seen it recently in Montreal.
    2.I think it would fit in...not sure tho
    3.I'm French too, so (with an 'accent aigu') cles means KEYS in English. It DOES NOT MEAN a tiny lil pochette as explained by tr444 and shown by habibty, take for eg LV's Multicles which means 'multi-keys'.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Must have mandarin speedy! I like the cles too. It looks like it might hold some extra credit cards that don't fit in my wallet.