Some questions for you Burberry experts


Mmmm Coach *nom nom*
Jan 29, 2009
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting to the Burberry forum so bear with me please. And I do apologize if either of these questions were already addressed in an old thread.

My first question is: How quickly do Burberry bags end up at the outlets? I am mainly a Coach buyer and their turnover from boutique/dept. store is quick! Bags at the boutique often show up at the outlets 2-3 months later depending on how popular the style. I have a Burberry outlet a little more than an hour away, but it is usually a miss when I go.

My second question is: Do Burberry bags go on sale at the department stores other than during special store sales? If so, approximately how many months pass before an item will go on sale? I saw a thread about the Bloomies sale, but unfortunately I missed it! Serious bummer! I am specifically eyeing some of the new check items (the blue/black check design). Absolutely gorgeous! They are fairly new items tho and definitely much too pricey for my wallet. I have always been a fan of Burberry, it is just beyond my price range.

TIA for any help! Much appreciated!


Feb 25, 2009
I am pretty much anewbi but wanted to share little bit of what I heard.

I am also waiting for my perfectly priced Burberry bag and, yes, it is a little more than what I want to pay for my shopping tote. I am looking for a Equestrian knight design and they said those don't go on sale most of the time because it is a classic line.

I was at the Burberry store the other day and SA told me the private sale will be on May sometime, the date could be different depend on who you talk to, I guess. Just go to the Burberry website and register and they will send you an e-mail sale notification. Oh, and I saw some leather Burberry bags on Nordstrom 40% or 30% off on same day I visited Burberry store. I am not interested leather Burberry bags, so I didn't pay too much attention, but you could check Nordstrom out. I hope the real experts could help you out on your quest.


Apr 22, 2009
Burberry only has 2 sales a year then after the sales the left over items are sent out to a warehouse then to outlets. so the regular stores have them for atleast 6 months or so and the item will be the same price after the second mark down as it will be in the outlet store. Dept stores may have items on sale that a Burberry store still has full price.