Some questions for Downtown owners...

  1. I was hoping I could pick the minds of some of the Downtown owners on the board as I'm considering a purchase. Since I have so many questions I'll just list them out instead of lumping them all together in a paragraph...

    -First, I'm having trouble finding definitive information on the measurements for each size. Does anyone know what the measurements are for the medium and the large sizes? Also, is large the biggest size for this bag or is there an XL or OS, as with the Muse?

    -Second, for those who have a bag without a front pocket (which is what I'm considering), do you find the practicality of the bag is hampered by lacking the pocket? Do you wish you had gotten one with a pocket?

    -Next, do you feel comfortable wearing your Downtown out at night or is it strictly a daytime tote for you? Would you wear it out for cocktails in a crowded place or would it just be too cumbersome and get in the way?

    -Finally, do you consider this bag to have staying power? I love that the Muse is classic, but don't think there's a right color for me. I want my YSL to be a bit special so I don't want basic black (it would blend with so many of my other bags) and I was considering ivory but I really think I'll end up ruining it. The colors are all lovely, but I tend to get anal with different colors and what I've chosen to wear and I don't want a bag where I pull it out and 4 out of 5 times I decide that it doesn't work with my outfit and leave it at home, if that makes any sense. I'm looking at the Vichy Downtown which I loved the moment I saw it but I'm worried about making an investment and having it no longer work in a couple of years.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I really trust the opinions on here and this would be a big purchase for me. Thank you!
  2. 2. I have one without the pocket and i don't regret it. Since the bag is quite large (i have the medium) it's still very easy to find my things and there is an inside pocket so it's not a complete black hole.

    3. I will only wear it during the day. IMO it's way too big and 'cumbersome' for evening.

    4. I definitely think it's classic.. and the Check downtown is the one i have so i say definitely go for it! The print is classic and special to YSL and both pretty neutral and a standout :yes:

    Hope this helped!
  3. Thank you so much, that does help! And I did see the pics of yours which looks fantastic on you.

    The one I'm looking at is listed as (approximately) 16.5"H, 10"W and 7.75"D. Does that sound like the size of your medium? I'm wondering whether that's a medium or large. They're claiming MRP as $2195 which is a couple hundred more than what you mentioned was the retail for yours, so I suppose either that's inflated or perhaps it's the larger size.

    Thanks again for the help!
  4. Thanks! Sounds like that's the Large, my medium is 13 inches tall. Also, i checked the original tag and the retail is definitely $1995
  5. there are 3 sizes (i think): a mini (which is a little handheld bag), medium (13" tall) and large (16" tall). the difference between the medium and large is obvious -- the large is very north south. and keep in mind that the 10" width is measured at the bottom -- the bag is wider at the top.

    i agree that this bag is too big and bulky to wear at night (but you could carry a small clutch in it to carry when you go out). and i think the styling of this bag is simple enough that it won't look dated in a few years -- in plain leather, it's really just a simple basic tote. as for the vichy or patent leather or funky colors (like purple), it depends on how much you love it. personally, i would tire of the vichy (and i think the pattern is a bit loud on the large downtown, which is the one you're looking at). but if you love it, who cares?
  6. There are 3 sizes as mentioned,but I don't have measurements. I have the medium and it's already very big. The large is much longer,but not wider.

    It hasn't occurred to me to use the outside pocket. there is over enough room in the interior of the bag,and as mentioned there is an inside pocket for keys etc.I think that the deerskin Downtown,which doesn't have a pocket,is slightly featureless. On such a big bag you need some details. But the Vichy downtown is awesom and I don't think that one would tire of it. Check is a YSL classic and black and white is always hot.

    It is definitely not an evening bag. It's much,much too big and it is really a casual or work bag. I wouldn't use it for a formal occasion,though I can see the mini in certain colours being a good daytime formal bag (eg weddings).To me,the mini downtown looks like an alien,though.

    It's not a fad bag and there's nothing on it to date it. It's a classic,functional tote.

    I really,really love this bag though!!
  7. I really love mine. I have the navy patent medium one, and it is plenty big. I've only used the outside pocket once. Mine was $1395, prior to tax. It is 13" tall, just tall enough to fit a macbook comfortably inside.

    Definitely not an evening bag, as previously stated. But bringing it to a casual bar with friends? I don't really think it would be too out of place. But I am currently using it as a school/work bag.

    I don't feel that it is a "fad" bag. It really is a tote bag in its essence; when all the bells and whistles are detracted. I believe it will prove to have as much staying power as the muse. If you were to ask me this of the overseas or the uptown, I would tell you that it's too early to tell.

    The Vichy is a great color combo, but is it still widely accessible? Maybe a great color for you to consider would be the grey flannel downtown, as that is a new color for fall and will not ruin as easily as an ivory color would. Good luck!! I hope that helps out!
  8. what leathers does the downtown come in? a friend has the dark violet which is made of relatively stiff smooth leather with a sheen. however, the current downtowns seem to be made of a different leather which is very soft, grained and matte. to me, the new downtowns feel like deerskin -- are the old downtowns made of buffalo (like the muse)? does anyone who owns both feel like one is heavier than the other?
  9. Thanks so much sammydoll, kicksarefortwids, mea and QuirkyCool for all of the insights and information!

    I decided to take the plunge. The bag is a large (the north/south look is very evident along with measurements that confirm it) and it is the Vichy which is the Downtown that made me realize I needed that bag.

    I do think the pattern is a lot to handle on the large size but I love it, I love that it's classic YSL and also less likely to be knocked off. It will work well with my wardrobe of almost exclusively solid colors. I love that this style has a full leather/suede interior, too.

    Anyway, I'm pretty excited because it's a pre-owned but never carried bag and I was able to get it for $1295! With a retail price of $2195, I'm pretty happy. Actually, I'm really happy! :yahoo:

    I'll post a picture after she's delivered. Thanks again!
  10. ^ That's a pretty good deal. Can't wait to see pics of it.
  11. Yay congrats!!
  12. ^^^Congrats on your Downtown deal! I own one and love it. :heart: Please post pics when you get it.
  13. I'm new to the forum but just wanted to thank you for posting this thread, and to congratulate you on your purchase :smile:

    I've been debating between the Muse and the Downtown, and debating with or without the front pocket for the Downtown. I've tried both of them on and just can't decide!!

    Oh, and be sure to post pics of your lovely new bag :smile:
  14. Just received my violet Downtown from Bluefly, but I'm really doubt the authenticaity of my new Downtown. :confused1:

    1. It came with a dust bag without YSL imprint
    2. The front patch pocket with zip expanders are on both side of the bag
    3. There is little leather piece attached to the zipper

    Sorry, I'm at work right now. Can't post any pic.
  15. I'm pretty sure they have pockets on both sides; and since it is Bluefly, and they get merch from other retailers, it isn't that unlikely they lost a dustbag and simpl replaced it.