Some questions, and advice needed!

  1. Veneta carry question - once the bag breaks in, does it stick out less in the back? I hate it when people behind me keep bumping the corner of my bag!
  2. Thanks for this advice! I am not one who can buy a bag 'blind', so I did go to my local BV boutique (Natick, MA; as an aside, both SA's I worked with were lovely) a couple of weeks ago to try them out. I walked in knowing I wanted to try both the Sloane and the large Veneta, but in my mind I was thinking the Sloane would be the hands down winner. I left torn because of the style vs. comfort issue (see my first post).

    As I mentioned earlier, I'm now leaning toward the large Veneta because it was so much more comfortable...but every single time I look at the Sloane I waver--it just looks more 'me'. OMG--this is a hard decision--I wish I could just get both, which would solve this dilemma entirely!! :roflmfao:
  3. I had similar questions when considering my first BV. It definitely softens and slouches and hugs your body as the leather softens from use.
  4. I can relate. When I shopped it was the large veneta vs. the compana and I choose the large compana for me 'cause the bottom is rounded and the bag lays close to my frame. I haven't made the purchase quite yet because the openess of the top of the bag bothers me. Other than that, I looove it! Best advice I can give you is to take your time and not worry about a price increase!
  5. My medium still does this after over a year but that is because I wear it slung back. I think once your bag softens up quite a bit, and you wear it straight down your side, it will improve.
  6. you know, the Sloane softens up quite a bit. you might want to try a broken in Sloane so you can see what it will be like - the BV store usually has one that has been well handled. I love the Veneta but when I see a soft drapey Sloane on someone, I get a pang of envy because it usually looks amazing on. :biggrin: