some questions about the MJ Stam....

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  1. hey everyone

    i'm just wanting to ask some questions about the MJ Stam... Why? Its 'coz i know this girl in NZ and shes like selling all these high designer bags and i went over to her place today to have a look at the Stam she's got for Sale (i know... im suppose to be looking at chanel at the moment for my 3 month gift - but who can pass up the chance to have a look at this bag - the MJ Stam up close...)

    Anyway... the bag had a shop tag on it... Nordstorm (i can't spell it but I've seen afew ppl meniton it on here) and it was priced at $1200 (US dollars of course) I was just wondering has anyone got/saved their tag from their Stam? I just want to compare the Stores Tag... You can PM if you like and i'll PM you email...

    and, is the lining all suede? for the Petrol coloured one is like a deep red? and should there be plastic around the handles and shoulder strap? Plus, i'll be sure to check out ppls collections in the morning...

    It was so nice holding the bag and staring at myself with the bag in the mirror!!! hehehe!

    I hope someone can help me out! :smile:

    Thanks again in advance!!!!


    PS, i hope i've put this in the right thread - i dont know these days 'coz is this like a sellers watch question???? ekekekek! SO sorry if ive put it in the wrong thread!!! :shame:
  2. I PM you.
  3. Oooh HelenNZ.. what else she got, lol! Choco Paddy by any chance?? I'm just across the Tasman so shipping should be peanuts;)
  4. My chain shoulder strap was wrapped in plastic but not the handles. Over the course of time, I had several Stams from different sources ( Saks, NM, BG, but none from Nordstrom) and NONE of them had the handles wrapped in plastic--that's a red flag for me. The lining on all the fall bags, including Petrol, was a soft burgundy suede. So... where did she get these bags? I highly doubt there is a brand new, unused Petrol bag anywhere. That color is RARE and it would fetch a HIGH amount on ebay and I can't imagine one just floating around. I also remember a post on TFS where someone was selling fake Stams on ebay with bogus Nordstrom tags. Hmmmm! Keep us posted.
  5. I know that selected Nordstrom sold Stams. I bought my Stam about 3 weeks ago at NM. It was priced at $1200. I don't think the handles were wrapped, but not sure. My lining is light tan suede inside. I know that I saw a fake Stam recently on ebay. The only giveaway was the close up picture of the top gold closures did not have "Marc Jacobs" stamped on them. Also, the zipper on the front pouch and chain hooks all must have the MJ stamped name. I love my Stam. It is an extremely sexy bag!
  6. Yep, Nordstrom definitely sold/sells Stams, no question about that.
  7. I bought 2 black Stams from Nordstroms and they only had the plastic wrap around the chain. NOT on the handles.
  8. I read another thread about the Stam. With my ivory (light tan) suede inside, I must have the 06 version. The original versions had a dark pink interior and different leather that is slouchier (and according to the thread, more desired). This must be an 05 version and sounds like the real deal. I have posted a question to this buyer in the other thread about the difference in leather and that I had heard there were problems with the closures on the original versions that they corrected on the newer ones.
  9. Many of the fake stams on eBay have Nordstrom tags. The scamming caused Nordstrom to issue an alert about return of these bags as people were trying to pass them off as the real thing. The handles should not be wrapped in plastic--that's a sign of a fake. I don't have a good feeling about this seller...
  10. hey SerenitySue
    im not too sure if its the real deal.... once i figure out this store tag thing i hope it will be alright...
    will totally let you know! :nuts:
  11. Helenz... what is she charging for the Stam?
  12. ValerieB is right about the fake stams w/ Nordstrom tags. It can be really tricky to figure out. Personally, I would only purchase from a recognized dealer.

    What is she selling the bag for? If it is less than retail, it probably isn't real. :sad:
  13. Can someone please post the Stam? Thanks!
  14. Per your request, here are the black and putty Stams from spring 06.

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  15. hey thanks for posting your store tags on the Stam.... Is that what the real deal tag looks like????