Some questions about my new bag.

  1. Over the weekend I got a mini lin croisette speedy in rouge (early v-day gift from my wonderful SO) but I am scared to use it!! It looks like its going to stain easily, and I'm not the best when it comes to taking care of bags. I have the Josephine in khaki and it looks gross after only one year. Any thoughts on this?

    Also this is my first speedy. They dont come with date stamps? I looked but could not find one.

    The SA had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if they got some mirror hearts in--I always find it slightly awkard when I know more info then they do.

    The bag is soooooo beautiful in person. I love it more than any other bag I have. Maybe its because I'm a sucker for pink. :love:
  2. Congrats on buying such a pretty bag!

    I wanted to get it as well, but I only had money for the one bag, so opting for the Mirage Speedy instead.

    Do post some modelling pics! :tup:
  3. *bump*

    date code anyone?

  4. The date code is under the inside flap pocket...i think. I have this in blue so i will have to go check. The fabric has already been pre treated and is supposed to be stain resistant. I have never had any problems with my jeans (color transfer) staining my azur speedy and so far no problems with my croisette.
  5. I have a Dune Mini Lin Speedy and I have no trouble keeping it clean. So you should be fine with your croisette speedy in rouge
  6. modeling pics! I want to see this IRL!!!!
  7. Congrats!!! My SA told me that the material is treated so you shouldn't worry on staining. Enjoy your new bag!!
  8. Congrats!! It's a cute bag!
  9. modeling pics pls ;)