Some questions about IOFFER... first online purchase ever!

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  1. Need help! First online purchase EVER!

    I won't be buying a purse or anything for me... it's for my dbf.

    He likes to play old-school Nintendo systems and games (think late 1980s early 1990's). There's some things on IOffer that he's interested in.

    How does IOffer work? (I just signed up)

    This particular seller has good feedback. Is feedback legit? What should I look for as red flags.

    If the sender chooses not send us anything how are we covered? We would use my paypal account (maybe even choose to pay credit card). What steps should I take to ensure I'm covered in the event that they dont send us anything OR it SNAD?

    My dbf had a bad experience with E-Bay a few years ago... he lost $135.00 and never received ANYTHING back (we knew nothing about claims and disputes back then)

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Don't do it - Ioffer=fakes.

  3. Yes... I noticed... I took a looksy at purses and shoes... WOW! How do they get away with this?

    ....Like I said its for my dbf> its some Nintendo games that are no longer made and are hard to find. They aren't CD's they are the older plastic cartridge formats which cannot be replicated.

    ...I more wanted to know about coverage and if Paypal would stand behind me?
  4. Paypal really does not offer true "buyer protection" except for EBAY purchases.
    If you buy these games, pay via PP with a CC that could file a chargeback for you if needed.

    Also.. watch these games... as I bought some one time years ago for my kids, and when received they were "intl version" and would not fit in our US game machine, and were in another language.
  5. Thank You Ellie Mae
    The seller is in New York State and says that they are the US version (hopefully he's not lyng).

    So my only recourse would be a chargeback on my credit card? So I should 100% pay with credit card then? (I was thinking of just doing a bank transfer to my Paypal account b/c I have it set up that way) No good?
  6. Nope... you CAN pay via PP, but USE A CC. You cannot reverse a bank transfer if you do not receive your games or games won't play. It is possible to reverse credit card charges. However, DO VERIFY your CC co's chargeback policy and make sure that they will stand behind you if need be.
    PP has a "buyer complaint policy" for NON-EBAY transactions. It only covers items not received. And basically, all you can do is file a complaint. IF PP were to find in your favor, they could only refund you IF the seller just happen to have the funds still sitting in their account... unlikely.
    SO, really not any protection w/ PP for non-ebay transactions. You can still pay w/ PP, just use a CC, not a debit card or bank account.
    And be careful buying on ioffer. They won't help you at all.

    Also google seller ID and see if anything comes up....
  7. This will be your first online purchase ever? Meaning you have not purchased on ebay? I would probably look for those games on ebay first. I don't love ebay but I would feel more comfortable buying there than i-offer.
  8. I've looked on ebay before but never bought anything. I didn't know you could even really buy purses on ebay until I joined this forum!

    My dbf got ripped off...ohh let's say a good 5+ years ago. And that always left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I constantly come across threads on TPF of people scoring greattt finds! Then I come to the ebay forum and my courage to buy discipates!
  9. Side note on nintendo cartridges... dont let him buy anything that has save abilities.. the built in battery that saves the data was only designed to last so long. saves may not save at all or may disappear. if he's buying to play them, nintendo wiis can download most original games now.
  10. I probably would consider ebay for this kind of purchase.

    I would ask any question simple as it might be so that everything is clear.

    Don't asssume anything when it comes to making this type of purchase and I would

    pay with a credit card hands down for your own protection.
  11. MissLianne.... TBH, you need to be every bit as scared of buying on ioffer as you are on ebay. With ebay, at least you MIGHT have a shot at PP Buyer Protection if needed... AND/OR filing a CC chargeback... with ioffer, you have NOTHING but the CC chargeback. And although there are LOTS of scammer sellers on ebay, from what I have seen of ioffer... FAR WORSE.
  12. Argh! I'm absolutely terrified to buy anything now. Dbf says I'm over reacting (he's not a TPF member obviously)

    Thank You for the kind advice. Maybe I'll tell him to look at kijjiji or craigslist (meet seller in person kinda thing- even though they usually cost $ more)
  13. It's ALL THE SAME, darlin.. unless you have a local store that sells older games. What I am trying to tell you is that THEY ARE ALL RISKY, THEY ARE ALL SCARY. CL and Kiinji are no different. ONLINE purchasing in RISKY. BE CAUTIOUS. If you are going to be afraid of ONE, be afraid of ALL.

    I have bought (and sold) $1000 bags on ebay and on And been FINE.
    Just BE CAREFUL. Research your seller, ask questions, PAY W/ CC.

    There are LOTS of GOOD sellers on ebay and Bonz. Just do your research and watch your own back. And PAY W/ a CC that WILL back you w/ chargebacks if needed.
  14. I have been scammed the largest in my life off of ioffer, the customer service is awful and slow at getting back to you. please don't buy on ioffer. They need to b shut down w the number of fakes on that site, disgusting.
  15. ^^ There was someone recently in another forum that bought fakes from them and they ripped of their CC/Bank info...I don't know many more details than that but I would run as fast as you can from iOffer.