Some Questions about Damier Chelsea?

  1. Is this bag discontinued? I saw a few pictures of it in other threads but then when I went to look on elux and LV I couldnt find any. So I'm assuming its discontinued? This bag looks super cute and roomy, and maybe good as a diaper bag as well?? Anyone own one? Is it super roomy?

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. I have the Chelsea. It is a great bag and very roomy. I have noticed that LV sometimes "discontinues" a style and then brings it back a few years later. They did this with the Chelsea as well as the Bolougne. You may want to call Elux and see if they can locate one for you. I use it as my "purse/carry on when I travel.
  3. It's still on elux....
  4. When I was looking for my Chelsea, and this was several years ago, one thing I noticed is that if you went on Elux and looked through the Damier bags, it did not show up, but if you typed "chelsea" in the search box, it popped up. I also remember calling 1-800-Vuitton and being told that there was only one left in the country. Then there were none for quite awhile. I just checked elux again and it is not showing up. But someone might just have it in their shopping bag, holding on to it.
  5. thanks!