some question about staff purchase

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  1. Hm, seems I am having so many questions today!!! heheI guess I am just being excited about joinning here and hoping to get all my concerns answered.
    Ok, the question is. My best friend mentioned to me that, she knows an SA in LV Boutique, she told her that she could get 70% of the retail price for anything in the shop.
    I want to know that is it true? staff can get 30% off the retail price?:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: I just never heard of that. But, then, I heard that Tiffany, another brand that never goes on sales, does have that kind of "staff purchase price". Another thing is that, she also said, all the things are from the boutique, but no invoice could be provided, I mean, I understand that, but it just made me suspicous too.:confused1: :confused1:
  2. From my understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong!: The regular discount is 30%. When RTW, bags, or small leather goods don't sell, they are sold to SA's for 70% off. Of course when an SA does purchase a bag, a small round circle is stamped next to the tradmeark heat stamp to show that the item was purchased by an LV employee. ;)
  3. oh, right, so, at least it proves that the so called discounts does exist....
  4. In Norway.. SA can buy per year 18000KR .. after discount i think
  5. Here's the an example of what I was talking about... on the whole heat stamping a small round circle next to the trademark heat stamp:

  6. ah!!I see!!!the one above "c"!!hm, interesting,
    SO MUCH TO LEARN!!!!!!
  7. thxs John... interesting
  8. interesting. In my next life/job, I want to be an LV or Tiffany SA!
  9. I wanna own LVMH:P
  10. Oh..that is interesting!!! Thank you John.
  11. Wow that is really interesting.. thanks..
  12. That's a real good employee discount, I wish I worked for Louis Vuitton!
  13. Keep in mind that they are limited in the number or $ amount of items they can purchase in one year. And they can't buy the limited edition items at the discount either.
  14. thats interesting to know john, thanks... not that ill ever be able to get 70% discount lol
  15. this is what I have heard to, also they are able to pruchase le until after 6 months.
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