Some Qs about the 08 Silk Print bags and 08 Weekenders

  1. I usually lurk in LV so please forgive me for my Bal ignorance. I'm really craving a Weekender or Courier in the new electric blue and yellow. But before I call BalNY and have them sell me a bag (I'm really bad about being able to get off the phone when they're trying to sell me something) I have some ?s

    Will the colour combo seen in this pic be available in a courrier and/or weekender and/or small leather goods?
    What HWs will it be available in?
    What will be the retail and does anyone have pics other than this of this colour combo in other styles?

    And as far as electric blue and yellow courier and weekender...
    Will the courier come in GHW?

    I think thats all my qs for now.

    TIA for all your help. Bal is WAAAY more complicated than LV. I feel so lost.
  2. i can't help u with the info but it's sooooo gorgeous!!!
    u should get it when u found this bag :drool:
  3. Someone here may be able to answer your questions - if they can't, I'm going to BalNY sometime this week - after December 26th, and I can take your list of questions with me, and find out the info, if you would like? :yes:
  4. I know isn't it TDF!!! I love how the colours in the print compliment the yellow. I think I may want to pics one out IRL like when you pics out the colours for a MC speedy KIWM. There i go again with my Lv lingo. :push:
  5. That would be amazing! If you could take some more pics of them as well that would be spec flipping tacular.
  6. I can sort of answer. First, the courier is solely a classic brass hardware bag and always has been. (There are some styles that come only with GH, and some can theoretically come with either). The WE comes with either classic brass hardware or giant, in silver or gold. In theory, all the bags should be made in all the colors, including EB and yellow, so it becomes a question of which retailer orders the particular color/hardware combination. Even BALNY doesn't get everything. Since there are now 3 kinds of hardware, there are just too many potential combinations, and all the retailers make choices.

    The courier is a great bag, but in 2007, neither BALNY, NM or Barneys or other large US retailers ordered the bag. I haven't asked about 2008. A number of people got them from BAL in Paris or elsewhere last season.

    All the major sellers will get some WE's, or at least they have in the past, but they tend to get only a few, compared to more popular sizes like the city. You have to call around, unfortunately. But WE's should be made in EB and yellow, and with all the hardwares.

    If your question was about the print bags from the spring collection, we originally heard that they would be made only in cities, briefs and WE's, and only with silver giant hardware. But we have seen some preview pictures of the bucket bag style in print, so who knows. Anyway, there will be WE's in a variety of prints (again, in theory, though not everyone will carry every possible leather color/print combination). Does this help any? Someone has posted in a shopping thread about what Aloha Rag will order. You may need to call BALNY or NM with specific questions about what you want exactly and see if they ordered it. Good luck!
  7. If you read the email from BALNY in the first post in the thread linked, you will see which prints with which color leather trim BALNY ordered. They refer you to their website to see the prints. There is some print that they will have with yellow leather trim, but there is no mention of electric blue.