Some post-surgery questions

  1. I had surgery early last November and since I've hardly been able to move around, let alone excercise. In November and December I put on a lot of weight because all I could do was sit around, so of course I ate (very bad food) to make myself feel better. Since the beginning of January I've been eating very healthily (ie no more chocolate or junk food and not eating for the sake of it) and I do feel healthier, but I'm still stuck at this weight.

    My first question: Is there any sort of excercise I could do that could start me losing some weight, keeping in mind that I still can't move very well?

    When I say "can't move" I mean my legs- I have a crosstrainer but I definitely can't use that and I can only walk around for about 10 or 20 minutes before I get too tired. I can't think of anything I can do that seems even close to excercise, but I thought maybe one of you could come up with a magical solution.. hehe

    Question 2: Since the surgery I've noticed these red marks down my legs, mostly on my inner thighs and on the back of my legs around my knees and calves. I thought they were stretch marks (which I later found out are silvery not red), but I was reading about what I had and found out that people often get these marks (especilly down their legs) and they're actually poison that has gone through their body. Is there any way I can get rid of these? They look so disgusting and it's way too hot to keep covered up right now (I live in Australia;)).

    I didn't intend for this post to be so long, but I would really appreciate it if anybody could give me any tips. Thanks!
  2. Hi Sorry to hear you have been unwell, hope you are well on way to receovery now.

    I think swimmming would be great exercise for you, or if you cannot swim then just some water exercise & start to take lessons. The water will bear your weight & will not be as strenuous as walking etc.

    regarding the marks I think you should have your doctor check them out just in case there is a poison still in your system, this needs to be treated with antibiotics if there is
    Good luck & let us know how you get on
  3. Thanks for your help.
    I think swimming is a really great idea, but I can't go in water right now because I have dressings that aren't allowed to get wet. :sad:
    (My legs aren't the problem, I have a wound in the complete wrong spot, so when I move around it irritates the wound. Fun huh.)

    Next time I get them changed I'll see if they have any waterproof bandages they can put over the top that can survive swimming.. hehe. I'll also be asking my doctors about the marks next time I go there.. I never thought to before as I thought they were stretch marks.

    Thanks again:smile:
  4. Hi Liz,
    How about some gentle stretching or gentle yoga? Also, maybe try one of those fitball thingies (the large balls you see in gyms....and KMart). Just sitting on one of those makes you use muscles around your midsection - you can sit on one whilst you're on the computer.

    I hope you get better soon!

    Cal :flowers:

    PS - Yay, Australia completely dicked the Poms in the cricket today - HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!
  5. sounds like your Doc needs to prescribe some Physical Therapy.

  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. What kind of surgery did you have ?? I wouldn't want to suggest any exercise program to you unless I know what your limitations are.

    And definitely seek a doctors help regarding those marks on your legs !~
  8. Yes you should really have had physio programme after you left hospital, go back ask for that, good luck!
  9. Vitamin E oil helps with the scars.

    Or lotion with vitamin E in it.
  10. My concern is the red streaks on your calves. Since you had surgery, and you aren't getting up and around much, people worry about DVT's. Is their pain in the backs of your legs?? When you point and flex your toe do you have pain? Is the skin hot? Honestly, you need to see your doctor pronto to make sure you don't have condition that needs looked into.
  11. No, they're not sore at all. I have an appointment for Monday morning, so I'll be checking then.
    A couple of people have suggested using that, so I'll check with my doctor to see if that's the best thing to do:smile:
    I had a pretty huge abscess on the small of my back which I had to have drained and removed, so there's pretty much a big hole that goes down to the end of my butt, which is why I can't bend or move very well. When I walk too much it starts getting sore because of the bad spot its in, and there's no way I could ride a bike or do anything that would move my legs around too much.
    The cricket's still going? haha I don't pay any attention to it. :smile: Happy Australia Day to you too.
    I think that sounds like a pretty good idea. I might rent some DVDs and see if I can bend enough and then try going to the gym.

    Thanks all of you for all your help! I appreciate it all so much! :smile:
  12. You're so welcome hope you get back to full health soon :smile:
  13. Wishing you the best & a speedy quick recovery :flowers:
  14. Nurse Ratched here....with some bad news, which is, the more you decline to exercise because it hurts, the more it will hurt when you exercise. The ONLY way to get better is to GET MOVING. Harsh but true. If you can't motivate yourself I strongly recommend physical therapy. Good luck!