Some poeple will buy ANTHING LV!

  1. The nuttiest part is that the seller is charging 12 bucks to send to Canada! How the heck does that work? It's just a ruler.
  2. Yeah it's quite sad acutally. :s
  3. Can't believe people would actually bid on that.:nogood:
  4. Well, that's eBay for ya.
  5. wow.
  6. whoever sold this is actually pretty damn brilliant
  7. WOW...I wouldn't pay over five bucks for that ruler!
  8. opps , it is just a ruler ! worthy to pay that amount or not ?
  9. cant believe bid on ruler for $31
  10. yeahh...that is eBay for you! kind of sad i think too. and shipping is nuts, as we know, that's how sellers make their profit as know, pay for those eBay fees. fees fees fees, they are all around us. yeah, some people will buy ANYTHING LV
  11. i was ranting at another forum how the refills are so expensive, and here we have 7 bids for a ruler going for $31!!
  12. too funny.
  13. lol
  14. I'm not sure if it'll come up for everyone but you now that bit that shows you other items listed now well when I checked out the listing that section had a LV hard hat LOL!!! Very rare!!