Some pleated Ergo item nos. but no pics yet...

  1. Pardon me if this has been posted but here are the item nos. for the forthcoming pleated Ergo bags:
    12235 - Ergo Leather Pleated Hobo
    12236 - Ego Leather Pleated Large Hobo
    12240 - Ergo Leather Pleated Tote
    12247 - Ergo Leather Pleated Large Tote
    12248 - Ergo Leather Pleated Frame Satchel
    12249 - Ergo Leather Pleated Crossbody
    12250 - Ergo Leather Pleated Convertible Tote
    12520 - Ergo Patent Leather Pleated Frame Satchel

    I tried them in the drilldown but no pics would come out yet. I'm curious about that pleated convertible tote and from the looks of it, the tote comes out in more than one size.
  2. Thanks so much, I can't wait till the pics unveil themselves!!! :nuts:
  3. can't wait til they show up on the DD!
  4. I really really want either the ergo patent framed satchel or the leather framed satchel..not sure which one yet. I saw pics of these last week at Coach and it was :love:
  5. Any idea on available colors or price yet?
  6. I don't think the SA told me colors, but she did tell me the price...I just can't remember. I bet is you called CS they'd have details.
  7. Okay-thanks. I will call CS and get info and post it.