Some pictures of the new collection Chloe

  1. Here are some pictures from yesterday. It's so good to be friendly with the Chloe SA. They let me take pics a little :biggrin:

    Metallic and aubergine metallic

    Pochette in taupe (leather is so soft)

    Jaune (but it was in shadows)


    There were new shapes and a large black Edith. More pictures at my next visit, I guess :biggrin:
  2. Thanks for sharing! The pochette is very cute.
  3. Thanks! They are very cute.
  4. The pochette was incredibly cute (and will be miiiiiiiiiiiine, muahahahahaha).

    The orange was a lovely, dark pumpkin-y colour that I wouldn't wear because it looks odd on me, but with the right skin tone... :rochard:
  5. OMG! I need more pics of the aubergineee.
  6. Thanks for the pics! I love the orange color - and the pochette is so cute!
  7. I'm not looking....I'm not looking.....

    Damn, I looked.
  8. I am loving what I see so far! BRING IT ON CHLOE!!!! WHooo hoooo!!!!
  9. pouchette is adorable, how much was it? Did it come in other colors?
  10. I love the pouchette as well. Thanks! :smile:
  11. 300 something? And it'll come in all the announced colours but none had been delivered yet except that colours. I'm on the waiting list for all colours, so I'll let you know when anything else arrives.

    There were also some other bags that I didn't think of picturing but should have because they were pretty special.
  12. did you see the bag with the black hardware?
  13. Wow only 300! How do I get on a waiting list?
  14. Sorry, I meant that in euros. It's probably 375 or something like that.
  15. I think I saw it on Net a porter for sale.