Some pictures of my Coach

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  1. I thought I would post a few pics of my coach stuff. Just in case you haven't read any of my posts I love Signature. These days it's because it's lighter than leather but I have always been a Black Signature Girl. In general I am a black bag girl.

    Please check out the Red Hamptons Bag. I haven't used it in years but recently pulled it out and have been taking it to the gym. It's a special bag as Hubby gave me a gift card to purchase it over four years ago.

    I love my coach watch. I bought it on sale at Macy's around Christmas time a few years ago.

    I LOVE RED! Maybe a red bag is in my future...
    Coach Family.jpg Coach Watch.jpg
  2. love it all, wish the pic was bigger so I could drool a little more! :drool:
  3. I'm also a signature kind of girl! Black preferably :yahoo:Love ur sig stripe tote!
  4. OH

    Where did you get the black and white dice keyfob!!!!!???? I've never seen it
  5. Nice collection! Love the red tote!
  6. I bought it in Vegas. They told me in the store that they were only being sold in a few places but I could have sworn I saw it online briefly. I haven't seen a lot of the around. I figured since I live in Vegas I had to have one!

  7. You have a great collection! I love that red hamptons bag!
  8. I love it!! I have the large Hamptons weekender in black and it's my work bag - I love, love, love it so much!! It carries everything I need!
  9. Not sure of the name...but the chocolate bag to the right is my favorite!
  10. I love your collection. Congrats!!
  11. nice collection..thanks for sharing!!
  12. wonderful collection,
    I love the dice charm :smile:
  13. Wow... you are definitely a black lover. I have that red tote in tan and I use her for carrying student papers.

    Good collection!
  14. Beautiful collection!
  15. Beautiful!! Great Collection!:smile: