Some pics of the new patent bags

  1. I would have taken more pics but the SA at Neimans was heading over and I didn't want him to catch me (not sure that he would stop me though but I was embarrased)

    baby blue patent elise
    pink blake
    (not sure of the official colors)

    I appologize for the pic. quality--they were taken on my cell phone.
    Photo_012008_001.jpg Photo_012008_002.jpg
  2. ^^^ Thanks for posting!
  3. Great spy pics!! I saw that Patent Elise but in the salmon color a few weeks back. So pretty!!
  4. The blue color is lovely, but I am so over all this patent, personally.

    It all seems so overpriced for something that looks like *plastic*...:blah:
  5. Love the spy pics.... can't wait to see them IRL!!
  6. Oooo! The blue elise looks so pretty, I can't wait to see it IRL.
  7. I saw some of the new bags today. The patents are sooo glossy IRL. They dont really seem like $1k+ bags IMO. But the Blakes are reallllly light without the Suede. OH and I also saw a Navy (or Indigo?) Blake with the knot. Not reallly lovin it...
  8. Not feeling that plastic look for a grand!!
  9. i like the bright colors, but it's too glossy. although a black patent elise would be hot if they have one...
  10. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. exactly, they do look like plastic IRL
  12. I feel the same way... It look too plastic :sad:
  13. oh the things that are possible w/ camera phones these days :-P (worse comes to worst, pretend you're texting or looking for reception by waving the phone around) They look pretty cute in the case, but i'm not sure how well that'd work with an actual outfit....