Some pics of red epi differences....

  1. Hi all! Here are some pictures of a red epi pocket organizer and red epi pocket agenda. The organizer I ordered from Saks and the agenda I picked up at LV. Here are the differences:

    pocket agenda: made in spain (silver lettering), date code is 2006, embossed LV on front is clear.

    pocket organizer: made in france (brown lettering), date code is 2005, embossed LV on front is brown.

    I am keeping the pocket agenda because it fits my checkbook perfectly, plus the workmanship is so much nicer than the organizer. I'm not sure if one is "red" and the other "new red". Any thoughts?
    epiembossing.JPG epimadespain.JPG epi france.JPG
  2. Nice..thanks for sharing..I think I like the one with brown LV..
  3. i like that brown LV too!! very pretty.
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