Some pics - Hayden Harnett Nico XX and Gustto Big Baca

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to share pictures of some recent purchases...made because of the great information that I've found here! I hope this helps someone with their purchases!

    This is the Gustto Big Baca in navy :heart: Picked it up at Nordstrom on sale...for $379! :yahoo:

    and here's the HH Nico XX hobo in Currant:

  2. Oh wow, the Nico is so much larger than I expected! Both bags are so cute, congrats on your purchases!
  3. Really great bags! Wonderful taste.
    Congrats! :yes:
  4. The big bacca doesn't look so big! I wonder if the regular size would look too tiny! both bags look GREAT on you!! Are either of these bags heavy or lightweight? Enjoy!
  5. Both bags are TOTALLY lightweight. I was surprised, too, because the baca has the hardware, but it feels like a cloud. And the Nico is really light as well. The only thing with the Nico is that when you load it full, the smaller rolled strap is a tad uncomfortable, but I just try not to pack a lot.

    I like big bags because I'm a mom and I use these as my diaper bags. Just a few organizational pouches and I'm good to go!
  6. ooh I love them both!
    Gorgeous! Great choices!

    Now if I can only find big baca on sale! I refuse to pay full price for it LOL!
  7. Both are FABULOUS on you!! (ok, full disclosure, i have the Nico in Currant as well :graucho: so maybe a bit biased) but nonetheless... AMAZING. what a steal for that Baca! I've seen them on sale but never for that low, and usually in less awesome colors.

    ENJOY! both suit you super well!
  8. I've never been a huge fan of the baca shape, but it looks amazing on you! I may have to give it another chance :smile:
  9. Both are beautiful! I'm surprised that the Lg Baca doesn't engulf you--some have said it is HUGE, but I think it looks perfect. Congrats and wear in good health!
  10. i love the first one. :love:
  11. Fabulous bags! They look great on you!

    You really got a great deal on that large Baca!

  12. I think has photos of Halle Berry carrying that Baca bag.
  13. Awesome bags! You have great taste! Of course, I'm a little biased...I have the Baca in Navy and the Nico in chocolate...but I LOVE the currant! Congratulations!
  14. Both of these bags are adorable! Congrats!
  15. Sweet! you have great taste :smile: