Some piccies of my Chloe babys :D

  1. Took some piccies of my Chloes today, thought you might like to see them :smile:
  2. and another one :smile:
    and my new Silverado, with some shoes I thought might look great with it :biggrin:
  3. Wow what a collection - lovely - you have such great style and once again that Silverado is haunting me after my go/no go decision with NAP last week. You win some you lose some!
  4. ahh, thanks Secret shopaholic :smile:. It might be worth emailing Lucie at NAP, just asking that she contact you if anybody returns one. (she is very good like that, and will do all she can).

    Not everybody is going to love it, most bags get an amount returned (even with the sale price) so you might get lucky with it, and if one does come back you still can return it if you do not like it :smile:
    (might be worth an email ;))
  5. wow love the shoes. how do you wear the bracelet bags? can you model one for us?
  6. Cool thanks - I think I might just do that. Cheers for the heads up.
  7. i love your photo of jack bauer too. haha.
  8. Gorgeous..:love: , now I want a Silverado too
  9. oooh, now imagine if we could have Jack Bauer, driving a UPS van, full of new season Chloe stuff.
    I would die happy after that (obviously only after I had worn everything though :biggrin:)
  10. BEAUTIFUL collection and different! I love the Silverado - which one is that?
  11. Fayden, yes will take some more tomorrow (takes ages to upload them!).
    I carry them always via the handle, the green especially is like a lethal weapon, it is so incredibly heavy that you cannot really tuck it under the arm, its a definite hold the handle bag.

    The smaller gold one is very comfortable, the handle is silk but padded, and is so much lighter than the larger one, so it is probably easier to use, although I love the green one much more :yes:
  12. thanks so much justonemore :smile:
    This is the Silverado that went on sale for half price last week at Net a Porter. It is my first silverado, as I was not really that fussed about the brown and tan colours available when it first came out, as I had the Paddy, but I thought I would take a chance on it, and it is truly lovely, I am so pleased with it :heart:
  13. So pretty :love: . Fantastic taste. The snakeskin shoes are amazing, are they recent? Also, what colour is your loaf paddy? :smile:
  14. Gorgeous collection - love the silver silverado and bracelet bags!
  15. Thanks Estile,
    The shoes were the Miu Miu Platforms (Carrie also wore them in SATC). They were actually a complete copy of a seventies pair by Terry De Havilland. He took Prada to court for copywrite, and with the money he made on winning the case, restarted his company two years ago! so its a great story for a great pair of shoes!

    The Paddy is the Midnight blue :smile: