Some people!!!

  1. :cursing: Got up this morning and there was a whole pizza on my windscreen and it'd been rubbed all over the glass. My own fault for not putting it in the garage but it's not something you expect! What a mess, I was retching whilst I was cleaning it! Why do people do these things? Sicky sick sicko's.
    Also, coming home from town yesterday I passed a gang of lads and one of them was peeing in the waste bin at the side of the road! 4.30pm, town was full of people! :wtf:

    Had to get it off my chest, makes me so angry!
  2. Im sorry :sad: Its amazing how many idiots are out there...
  3. How disgusting. Kids have nothing better to do these days but destroy other peoples belongings.
  4. Ew!!

    Kids have become so nasty and trashy these days!
  5. ewww! So sorry about what happened :sad:
  6. I'm not getting this. Did you leave your door unlocked and someone came in a rubbed pizza on your tv? or someone you live with got drunk?
  7. That is awful, I am so sorry. It's as if common courtesy has been eliminated from our society these days. I'd love to give those kids (or whoever did it) a long :lecture:
  8. ^^^ It's not nice to automatically assume the person who did this is a kid...

    and br00kelynx, I think were talking about a car not a tv :smile:
  9. She said windscreen, not widescreen. LOL

    To the OP, I am sorry this happened to you. People have no respect for others property these days. Something similar happened to me but it was a big chocolate shake from McDonalds. I went into a store, came out an hour later and it was all over the hood of my brand new Porsche. I purposely always park away from crowded areas in parking lots. Someone went out of their way to walk a good 100 feet to do that to my car.

  10. Lmao! Okay don't I feel dumb..
  11. The area I live in is chock-full of people who do that kind of thing; it's not just kids either. I'm sorry that happened to you, how annoying.
  12. That's so pointless and above all just annoying!
  13. Thanks ladies, it is upsetting when other people trash your property, especially when you work hard for what you've got. I suppose it's happened to us all at some point but things are definately getting worse all over.

    Thanks again - and br00kelynx, I think I'd still be on the floor in a dead faint if it had been the tv! :p
  14. People have no respect these days. Sorry it happened, but at least yor windshield isn't broken.
  15. Yeah, I suppose that's a bonus!