some people believe EVERYTHING..hahaha

  1. Friday my aunt said to me "so you want one of those Louis Vuitton bags for your birthday right?" And I was like: "yes, I do"
    She told me that she saw a TV show about Louis Vuitton ( Maybe it was a show about counterfeit designer items) and then she said I would make a total fool out of myself if I got an LV because they are mass produced in China and after that shipped to Europe. In Europe they put a label that reads "hand made" in the bag and sell them. So I told her: "yes I know people do that, those are fake. The LV store sells real bags made in France or the USA" You never believe what she said then. She said "NOOO the LV store also sells fakes! They get them from China. It was on TV!! If you buy one you're carrying a €450 fake" I tried to tell her that she was wrong --because if LV would sell fakes, there would be no real ones and that fakes are really different from the real ones-- but she just did not listen. She truly believes the LV store sells fakes...:lol: :roflmfao:

    I just thought you guys would find this reeeaaallllyyyy funny as well
  2. haha, yeah, she probably didn't pay attention to the documentary and heard about the canvas being made in china and then shipped to europe and US to be worked on further (I think I read they do do this..) :smile:
  3. people are just ignorant. they cant seem to find a way to justify it like us TPF's do. So they just bad talk it. I know plenty of people who do that.
  4. lol, that doesn't even make sense!
  5. Disurbing thought... :s
  6. Hahaha.... that is just bizarre....
  7. I know... my mom told me a similar story a few months ago about the fakes being made in the same factories as the real ones. BS.
  8. Lolololololololol
  9. hahaha I know right. If the stores sell fakes, who sells the real bags then?
  10. i bet youre aunt was talking about the item on rtl boulevard right? ;)
  11. how peculiar! :p
  12. yeah.....LOTS of people think like thats....because they get wrong information..but its stupid because lots of people think EVERYTHING is fake...
  13. Your aunt cracks me up! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. Oh brother!!!
  15. Yes, lots of people don't get it.... thats why tPF is great! Everyone here gets it and knows how special and "real" LV is! hehe