Some people are so stupid... (long story)

  1. Sorry, not another "stupid fake seller" post.. this is a rant about my sister (Heather)'s sister-in-law (Judy) and how stupid of a person Judy is..

    ever since my sis got married, Judy's always been a super jealous B*.. of everything that is my sis or everything that my sis has.. Who knows why? Got me! :weird: But anyway, recently, everything that my sis does or says... like for instance, she wanted to buy a new Nissan Murano SUV, and before she could finish her sentence, Judy went out and bought it before her! So if my sis DID get it, it'd be like she was copying her, yunno? That's so dumb. (Judy btw, is a divorced mom of one girl - cousins with my sis' kids - does real estate, and her ex-husband is some sort of lawyer but both make tons of good money, so Judy always has a ridiculous amount of $ at her disposal).

    So Heather finally bought her car after she settled in her first condo with the kids/husband/etc.. and bought the car that she thinks is better than the Murano (it's basically the same thing) - the Infiniti FX35. She got the showroom model, in the rare Copper/orange color, fully loaded. So like, 2 weeks after my sis got the car, Judy ran out and got a new fully loaded Lexus IS350. wtf okaaaaay? and her ex-husband got a new fully loaded BMW X5. What are they trying to prove?

    Anyways, last Christmas, my sis got the Manhattan PM, she's been dying to get it since it came out, and justified xmas as perfect timing to reward herself (who wouldn't? haha). And she went over to her in-laws to have xmas dinner, and Judy saw the purse and was like :blink: :amazed: cuz my sis didn't talk about getting an LV purse, or anything like that, it was so "out of the blue". So guess what Judy goes and does?? YEP! She went out and got an LV purse.. AND her mom a purse!

    Thing is, Judy got both hers (Damier Papillon) and her mom's (Batignolles) LV's off eBay. !!! I was like, she got fake ones! So my sis showed me the auctions Judy bought them off of, and they look okay, except for one tiny thing.. both of them she bought within $20-40 off retail. Yep, she paid nearly $660 for the Batignolles on eBay, risking it to be fake (good thing it wasn't), when they retail for $670.. and she paid like $500 for the Papillon.
    ( here's the Batignolles auction she won:
    i can't find the papillon auction, except I see that she bought a separate mono pap26 as well)

    That's not the only stupid thing.. now, she's selling her Papillon AND the Batignolles (her mom didn't like the style).. for the same price! Prime example of how some people can be so smart/deceitful and yet so dumb at the same time.

    The only things I see that makes Judy look even worse (other than being so utterly pathetic - really, who is she trying to prove or impress? My sis could care less about her or what she buys or whatever), is that you never see a dime go into her daughter's college savings or education or anything like that. Her daughter just happens to go to the same Boys & Girls club as my nieces, and the same Karate school and such, ONLY because my sis signed up her kids, and Judy feels she has to look like a good mom or whatever. She's basically doing it to upstage my sis.. not because she thinks her kid'll like it.. whereas my sis does the opposite.

    Isn't it sad? Judy is a sad soul. Once, she even tried to outdo my sis in renovating the house. She saw that my sis had Restoration Hardware knobs/pulls/bedding/pillows/accessories, and was like, "wth how can you afford that? you can't have RH! that's nice stuff!" -- okay she didn't say that, but that's what she implies everytime she gives the :amazed: look.... and goes out and buys Pottery Barn (sorry, but their stuff is CRAP in comparison and i'm not saying it because I work at Restoration Hardware, but i'm saying it cuz it's the truth.. their quality has gone down dramatically within the past 5 years, and their service is just pure crap lately.) and thinks it's better cuz it's a bigger name and blah blah... and pays full retail. well gee, if she was smart enough she'd known that Heather's lil bro (me) works at RH, and gets everything at 40% off! haha.

    PS: if you like Pottery Barn but want better quality, but want to stay loyal to the company, go to Williams Sonoma Home ( they're more pricey than we are, but the quality is ten-fold.

    anyways.. that's my rant. thanks for letting me get it out.. it's nice to just let it out to people who have no idea whats going on and just *breathe*. if you read it all, well thanks.. if not, well, thanks for trying anyway. :smile:
  2. Wow....that's a long story. Hmm....Judy & I happen to be in the same industry. Both of us are in real estate. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to buy things on impulse just to show she can afford the goods. Look at Mr. Warren Buffett or the Ikea founder, they don't care so much about showing off. And they are way richer than Judy. But I do sense Judy must have a problem. Is it due to her divorce? Has she been always like this before divorce? Judy better stop doing what she's doing now before she goes broke.
  3. Hopefully, Heather isn't taking it all too personally, because I'm sure that she is not the only one that Judy tries to upstage. People like that usually have various targets for various reasons. My mother has a sister like that...and this sister does the same thing to her sister-in-law and a few friends. It's sad, but that's how some people operate: living a completely peripherally paranoid existence. :wacko: :lol:
  4. Jealous woman is what she is! That's all. She's trying to keep up with the Jones' except the Jones' doesn't care!
  5. Why is it there is always a Judy in every family? :wacko: I'm glad your sis doesn't let it bother her too much cause it is just jealousy/insecurity! But that doesn't make the Judys of the world any easier to deal with! :P
  6. I'm sorry your sister has to put up with someone like that. Some people feel better when they feel like they can upstage you. Most likely because they are jealous and are trying to compensate for something they are missing in their own lives.
  7. Wow she sounds like a total loser. & I can't believe she bought that bag for almost retail price!!! Is she insane?!!
  8. Aww..
    I'm sorry your sister has such a jealous sister-in-law, and for you too. It must be so upsetting to see your sister deal/experience such a thing.

    However, I hope I can at least a tiny tiny bit make you feel better by assuring you that it seems many families have in-laws like Judy, and it's not your/or your sister's loss when Judy decides to spend her money like that. I feel bad for her daughter.

    I just hope your sister doesn't think much of it and that another person's stupid/frivolous/jealous actions don't bother her too much.

    Cheer up!!! <group hug>
  9. So true!....mine is my sister in-law :hrmm:. It's so sad to see, people make fools of themselves!
  10. Is your sister as upset about all of this as you are?

  11. thanks for your kind words guys!

    rochasgirl: i think it's the divorce that made her so bitter/etc, cuz when she was still married, her and my sis were best friends and practically inseperable... after the divorce Judy got all psychotic.. it's as if my sis did something to her (and she didn't! it's not like she had an affair with her now ex-husband or anything.. shes better than that)..

    selena: my sis calls me up almost every other week to tell me how irked she is.. she doesn't care what Judy does, but it bothers her cuz Judy's always like, "so i got blah blah today.." or saying something retardedly stupid.
  12. Judy must be really annoying - I remember you ranted about her a while back, too. It's too bad she's such a crappy sister in law.

    Can't we all just get along?
  13. I think this Judy chick is doing it for attention perhaps? Your poor sis.. I would go crazy if I have a sis-in-law like Judy.