Some people are so clueless...

  1. I had a consultation at this place and the girl (who was far too perky) commented on my bag and asked if it was real. She went on to tell me that she gets all her “Coach” fakes from a distributor which I told her was illegal. She went on to say that it’s okay and not illegal as they come with certificates of authenticity.

    This woman made no sense. I just shook my head and changed the subject.
  2. Oh dear :nogood:

    I work with two girls who buy fakes because they can't afford the real thing...the thing is, they could buy ONE real one instead of 3 or 4 fakes...ugh. It bugs me.
  3. I think it's important for people to remember that she probablky truly believes it's real because someone told her so.
    Before I joined tPF, I probably would have to.
    Because I had NO idea there was such a massive counterfeit market and had no idea you couldn't just buy bags anywhere.
    I'm not/wasn't stupid, I just wasn't educated on the whole thing yet.
    People aren't stupid because they don't know, most people truly just have no idea becasue they have other things in their lives they concentrate more on.
  4. She fully admitted to buying fakes and said she cannot afford the real thing. That is what made no sense. Why would a fake come with a certificate of authenticity? Clearly it is illegal to sell a fake with a fake CoA but not in her mind.
  5. I'm just curious, do her bags look THAT fake? was it obvious?
  6. I have no idea. Never saw any of her bags.
  7. She said she buys Fakes with certificates of authenticity?
    HA! Authentically FAKE! Oh man.....sad and stupid.
  8. Exactly!! Authentically fake!

    I told her I have some NWT bags that I want to get rid of and was considering eBay but could let her take a look first since I'm selling them for reasonable prices.
  9. I would have told her about where the fakes are made and the factories that employ children to make their bags and that her money is going to support that disgusting industry. I agree that she probably just doesn't even know what she's doing.
  10. A fake is not less fake or legal because it comes with a fake COT... :roflmfao:
  11. The nerve of some people. :cursing:
  12. There's this girl that works in cosmetics in the dept. store I work at, she has a hideous fake carly, and she always like glares at me when she walks by me and my real ones! I just want to go up to her and be like, hunny yours are fake. Get over it.

    She has a fake LV bucket too.

    I always make a point to walk past HER with my real bags, just so she can see what a real one is SUPPOSED to look like.

    I would never say anything to her though, because I'd get into a fight or something. LOL
  13. I don't know why people swear up and down that they cannot afford the real deal. Most fakes cost between $50 - $80, so if they saved up, they could easily afford a real. Have they ever heard of the factory outlets?
  14. I dont really mind if people carry around fakes, but if they act like they know all about coach and they say theirs is real it drives me crazy :tdown:
  15. People have different priorities. Most folks that I know that carry fakes buy them knowing what they are. Sometimes they act like they are clever for spending less on something that "you can't even tell the difference" (I can) Nonetheless, I don't get into it with them. Personally, there are a lot of cute bags at macy's, reasonably priced that make a lot more sense to me.