some people are just so stupid

  1. Last month a girl buys invitations from me, provide the shipping address confirmed via paypal. i email her asking her to verify the address because she bought housewarming invitations. which usually means they moved. i have to double check because i've had experiences where they move and never bother to update their shipping address and yell at me for sending the order to the paypal provided address rather than the address they have personalized. so anyways, i ask this girl. she replies and says that it is correct. she emails me a week later saying that the confirmation number isn't showing up on UPS. After I tell her that the post office has her package. Later the post office deliv. conf. shows that it is being returned to me stating insufficient address. the buyer emails me and immediately starts blaming me saying i didn't send it to the right address and that she needs the invitations, blah blah blah. And she is demanding that I do something about it. I tell her, that she said her shipping address was correct. She keeps hounding me about her package and leaves me a neg. when i tell her that she needs to contact the post office to figure out why they are refusing to deliver. And then tried to file an unreceived item complaint via paypal. I get the package back, And something still doesn't feel right. So I google her name and the address, and you know what? IT COMES BACK AS A BUSINESS ADDRESS. THAT STUPID GIRL NEVER BOTHERED TO INCLUDE THE BUSINESS NAME WITH THE ADDRESS. SO I'M SO MAD THAT I NEEDED TO SHARE. I WANT TO KICK HER IN THE HEAD. HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE. WHEN YOU ARE SHIPPING TO YOUR WORK, INCLUDE THE BUSINESS NAME. I swear these people who think that they are right all the time and take out their mistakes on innocent sellers really irks me. They should be banned from buying or selling on eBay all together purely based on their stupidity.
  2. Unless this address is really unique, such as IRS service centers addresses that only have the city, state and zip code, I don't see why a business name is needed to get it delivered. If her business is in a building with others, if you had her suite or floor number, it should have been deliverable. Maybe she left out something. Regardless, she shouldn't be blaming you.
  3. Yea. Even if it is a business, unless it is in a suite as stated ^ above it still should have been delivered.

    Not your fault. Did you contact Paypal and with the message where she said it was correct and then a copy of the "non-deliverable" from USPS?
  4. Perhaps I'm missing something....did she give a suite number even though she left out the company name? If so the PO should have delivered. If not....well, I come from Manhattan where many skyscrapers have well over 20 companies per floor. Impossible to deliver then without a business name or suite number. Would you please clarify.
  5. I get stuff delivered to me at work all the time without the business name, just the suite number.
  6. That's not always the case. Sometimes you can get stuff sent without the business name but you chance it when you leave it off. There was no suite number, it was a Union Local Headquarter. I'm assuming that they are the only residents because they don't use suite #'s.
  7. It doesn't matter paypal took my side. They gave me shipping money to resend the package to this stupid girl.
  8. Wow, how did they do that...just gave you money? Did they pay for fast shipping?
    This was such a shocking update I want to hear more details...
  9. I have never heard of the P.O. not delivery to a business if it is the only one at that address.

    *** I also want an update. How much did Paypal give you to reship?
  10. This is the first time I've ever heard of this. Lucky you! What did Paypal say and how much did they give you? Please do tell us.
  11. Wow...this is new to me too. Lucky you.