some people amaze me

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  1. I just got an email that the SNAD was completed, then another email 2 secs later from the buyer saying she resold the bag.... for $350!!! I could care less how much she got for it, but it's funny that she sent me nasty emails telling me to "deal with my conscience" but she turned around and sold it. She was supposed to be mailing it back to me??!?

    hahaha oh well, at least I am DONE with this NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. At least it is over. Sorry for all the frustration.
  3. how much did she buy it for? I'm glad your nightmare is over
  4. she got it for 325
  5. Wow. What an immature person.. Smh..
  6. Just out of curiosity, did the SNAD end in your favor or hers? And what about the negative feedback, is she going to follow through in having that removed?

    Maybe someday she will realize how gracious you were throught all of this. In any event, I think you must have banked some serious good karma!!!
  7. she ended it her own and said it was "amicable dissolved" blah blah..... the negative feedback is still there, I doubt she'll follow thru on her end seeing as to how she sold the bag. W/e I def. learned my lesson......
  8. Read your other post - so sorry this happened

    There are so pathetic buyers out there - they make me so mad:cursing:
  9. Glad it is all over with.
  10. Glad thats over, what a flaky lady you had to deal with
  11. is this the same crazy lady that "opened" the package and sent it back......
  12. Was this the same lady from TX?
  13. [I was just wondering whatever happened to you and the ordeal and, boom, I find this thread.]

    Pure insanity. After the hell she put you through, she turns around and sells it for a profit! She should give you the $50 for well-deserved therapy or massage sessions. Do you have any energy left to attempt getting the negative feedback removed? BTW, can you PM me her ebay id? I thought I had it, but I don't. I'd like to see what else she's selling.
  14. Ugh, good riddance! I agree, very immature, although I'm SO happy its done with! Really, who does that?
  15. :wtf:. She makes me cringe!