Some peope are so dishonest.

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  1. A few days ago i saw ad advertisement of an very clearly fake louis stated to be real. The ad said it costed 700 euro's and she wanted 700 back for it. I decided to mail the seller, i've mailed sellers before and the usually didn't know it was fake. I wrote to her that maybe she didn't know but the bag was fake and she could contact louis for confirmation. I got a response sating that it was real and that she bought it at the store and that i didn't know what is was talking about. Again i emailed her, i told her this bag was never made. Then she got back to me saying.. well most people don't know anythinh about louis. I just can't beleave how she lies to people because they don't know much about louis
  2. I hate people like that.
    At least we know what's real, and what's not.
  3. It's not fair on people who don't know much about LV
  4. exactly...:yucky:people like that
  5. Wow that's awful. I hate thinking about people getting scammed like that. Well, she will have to live with herself.
  6. oh where izit ? can i have the link ? i would like to see and give comment....
  7. It's on marktplaats. For some reason i only get ther site as a link. She keeps chainging her ad now it's originele louis vuitton asking 150 euro's
  8. People like that disgust me.
  9. Unfortunately, that's how some people choose to make a living! A lot of people don't know the negative effects of buying and selling counterfeits, and also don't think about how they're basically just scamming another person. Some people just want that quick buck!
  10. Its sad that there are so many scammers out there. But, buyer should beware and "be aware" of what they are buying. Before buying any expensive item, buyers should do their research. If authenticity is in question, then only buy from LV boutique or eluxury. If anybody thinks that they can get a brand new LV for $200 when the retail is over $700, then they obviously have not done their research.
  11. Sad!
  12. That is very awful... I HATE it when sellers do this. :cursing:
  13. Yes, that's so nice of you to assume the seller may not know, but unfortunately so many of them are knowingly selling fakes, yucky yuck
  14. :yucky: they even will report you to eBay as harass them or send you rude reply, some tPFers posted on eBay board about the respond from fake sellers and the respon totally rude and harsh
  15. I just heard that my bf's stepdad's bro was selling fakes and I got so mad! I didn't know this before!