Some PCE Advice Please!

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What should i get?

  1. A) Crimson Sophia & Hobo

  2. B) Cranberry Mia Maggie & Hobo

  3. C) Crimson Sophia only & hold out for a better purple

  4. D) Cranberry Mia Maggie only & hold out for a better purple

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So there are two bags that i'm considering to get, my choices are:
    Crimson Patent Sophia, Cranberry Mia Maggie and/or Purple Madison Convertible Hobo

    I really want a red and a purple bag. For the red I've narrowed it down between the Sophia and Mia Maggie, still not sure which. And for the Purple Madison Convertible Hobo - i don't really like the brass hardware. I don't hate it, i just don't care for it. But i really like the color and size of the bag. Should I hold out on the purple in the hopes that eventually they will come out with something i love or just settle on this one?
  2. My vote is for Crimson Sophia, without a doubt. Not sure about the purple!
  3. My philosophy when purchasing sale items is to buy with the option to keep them. Because Coach has such a fantastic return policy I would say buy one of the red bags and get your purple bag. Because after next week you will no longer be able to take advantage of the PCE. You did not specify between the large or the small sophia. I am a big bag kind of gal, so if you are going for the large then I would chose that over the Mia Maggie. I just think it has more shock value when seen in real life. I would say buy the purple bag, take it home, debate it over for a while. At least give yourself the option to keep it at 25% off. And if in the end it doesn't work out for you, return it (before the credit card bill is due) and no harm done.
  4. For your purple bag, have you considered the Dot Sophia? It has silver HW.
  5. I feel the same way about the discount. I was thinking of just getting it and then if i don't like it later or they come out with a better one, i could exchange it.
    I would def go for the smaller sophia - i like the medium sized bags, i tend not to carry much around with me.
  6. @
  7. ^^ ITA, it is a GORGEOUS purple!!
  8. Yes! i have seen that one online - but not in person. I wasn't really considering it because i prefer the leather, and if i end up getting the crimson sophia, i wouldn't want two of the same bag. Also i don't think it comes in that purple op art in the smaller size.
  9. oh and if i didn't get the purple hobo, then i'd definately get the matching wallet for the crimson sophia :P
  10. I got the Crimson Sophia on Monday, so I am biased. I love it. I looked over the purple, but it didn't do much anything for me
  11. The Crimson is STUNNING, but it shows fingerprints like no tomorrow.
  12. I really love the new hobos! I vote purple hobo for sure and crimson sophia.
  13. I voted for the Cranberry Mia Maggie because it is the crinkle patent which I think is prettier than the smooth patent. It also has silver hardware while the Sophia has gold. I do like them both though! I want to get the Cranberry for myself though so that shows you where I'm at.

    You might be surprised by the purple Op Art. I usually am a leather girl and don't do signature or Op Art but I do think the new dotted Op Art is really pretty in the purple and the red. I like those colors because silver/ gold (respectively) dotted "C's" have a metallic finish which is really gorgeous in person. The other colors don't have any metallic finish on the fabric. I already purchased the purple cosmetic bag and I would definitely consider buying a whole bag in that fabric.

    That said, I think the purple leather hobo is gorgeous too! I just love purple so I think it looks beautiful with gold AND silver hardware, just a different look. If you do the Maggie maybe you could do the purple Sophia? So many options! :P
  14. thanks ladies for all your help!

    i'm still a little torn decision wise, but i'm going shopping later today, so hopefully i'll have some goodies to share :graucho:
  15. I think the teal op art sophia is pretty too!