some outside pics of green & navy reissues ~ no magnifying glass required

  1. took these this morning in the garden ~ hopefully they give a better indication of the navy & green metallic's true colours ~ i've enlarged the pics to the largest i am able to post ~ i haven't watermarked them b/c when i do they become smaller ~ i give up! ~ :wacko: ~ vx

    viki~navy~met~rei~pic1.jpg viki~navy~met~rei~pic2.jpg viki~navy~met~rei~pic3.jpg
  2. viki, your bags are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! i am literally drooling over here! your collections are TDF! i love love the navy blue metallic reissue!!

    they deserve to be enlarged:



  3. it's gorgeous, Viki! Is it metalic navy blue?
  4. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the green!
  5. the rest of the navy................
    viki~navy~met~rei~pic4.jpg viki~navy~met~rei~pic5.jpg viki~navy~met~rei~pic6.jpg
  6. the green :love:
    viki~green~met~rei~pic1.jpg viki~green~met~rei~pic2.jpg viki~green~met~rei~pic3.jpg
  7. the rest of the green....................
    viki~green~met~rei~pic4.jpg viki~green~met~rei~pic5.jpg viki~green~met~rei~pic6.jpg
  8. thanks for the pic. metallic green is very special......
  9. If I wasn't getting a MP, I'd be doing navy. She's absolutely gorgeous and not over the top with the shine factor.

    Sure is a difficult decision on the gorgeous colors in this collection. I think most of us would take one in every color, if circumstances allowed.
  10. Beautiful bags.....absolutely gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing....
  11. thanx pluiee x ~ good job one of us is talented! ~ :lol:
  12. GAH!! Thank you Viki, these pics are so much better! :nuts: I can see that the green and pewter reissues are very different! :graucho: Thanks so much for posting and enjoy your gorgeous bags! :heart:
  13. i don't like green color at all but yr metallic green is gorgeous!
  14. wow - I'm loving the green color - do the chanel sa's refer to it as "green" or is there another name for it? I'm on the list for large dark silver - but now I don't know.:smile:
  15. I'd say pics 1 and 5 of the navy are true representations of the color IRL! :love: If I HAD to choose between the purple and the navy, I'd pick navy hands down.