Some Orange treats! reveal

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  1. Its rained all day today - only one thing for it! a bit of shopping right?

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  2. starting small and working up!;)
  3. Yay!! Im right on time.. :drinks: reveal away dear...
  4. 1st up

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  5. welcome keekee!

    2nd item

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  6. I'm present and jet lagged. Looks like we're off to a nice start, Stephanie!

    Edit: Gorgeous enamel!
  7. 3rd item, something cute!;):nuts:

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  8. Oooo... i see some shiny things :woohoo::woohoo:
  9. Oh Wow.. what a CUTE horsey !!!
  10. Hermy! How cute! Is it for you?? It's ok you can admit it. lol.

  11. Aww horsey!!

    Your enamel is gorgeous, I love the color
  12. Love your 1st item!!!! it is so H!
  13. last item a Rouge Moyen Jige - the small size, perfect for evening in Lizard:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    hi senbai!

    thanks all!

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  14. Congrats on your purchases Stephanie! What a beautiful color for a Jige and in lizard! :yahoo::woohoo:

  15. Absolutely beautiful purchases and that jige is TDF! Many congrats! Be careful with your exotics in the rain.:biggrin: