Some opinions please?

  1. This D&G handbag popped up on Saks a little over a week ago and I jumped on it, however now I have it, I am not so sure about it. I paid $537.21 + $15.58 tax. What are you thoughts about the bag/price?

    They actually described the name incorrectly, but the bag in the pic is correct.
  2. Sorry, dont care for this one either.
  3. Thanks for your opinion - much appreciated :tup:

    Anyone else?
  4. I like it and you seem to as well, but for $550-ish, you should love a bag, KWIM?
  5. ^^^I agree! It's OK, but for that much money, you should really love it and not have 2nd thoughts. I have done the same before with Chloe Ediths...bought them around this price at NMarcus online and when they arrived, I was not impressed. Perhaps you should get something you really like with the money you get back from this return.
  6. ooh, i really like it. :yes:
  7. I like it, but to me there's nothing about it that makes it stand out from all the similar bags that go for about half that much.
  8. I think the gold ball hardware is pretty cool, but other than that, I am not really feeling it. If you don't totally love it, send it back and use the money for something you do totally love.
  9. You know what? It is a very pretty bag! But it doesn't look like it should have cost what it did. And like someone else said, if you pay that much for it, you'd better love it. I'd take it back and get what you love!
  10. I love it!:heart::heart::heart: I actually think it's a good deal.

    BUT, if you don't love it....
  11. Thanks ladies for the feedback. Like I said - I do like it but I am not sure if I am feeling it for $500+. I believe they posted the retail as $1100 on it.
  12. That's a great deal for a bag that goes for 1k+ when it's not on sale.

    I think though, that you shouldn't have to convince yourself that you like a bag.
  13. I should not have to convince yourself that you like the bag - and it's always such a dilemna when we're all influenced by price, yes?'s still $500+ which is not inexpensive. D&G makes great bags, and I believe the pebbled leather on this is just great - BUT - you have to really dig the bag. Return - and find one that makes you swoon!
  14. I really like it! However, if you don't love it, return it. Even when it's a good deal, it's a waste of money if you don't love it.
  15. It's a nice bag, but don't get fooled into liking it just because you snagged it at 50% off... That's a common trap!