Some opinion on.....

  1. Was surfing evilbay and found this two listing to be of interests..

    Damier azur... will you ever mark your bag with a RED MARKER at the D ring tag? Look at the picture to get my meaning.. I mean, I will keep my bags accordingly but to make a mark inside... *ouch*

    And also..

    Firstly, I dont know if this is authentic.... but look at the Q&A.. Someone is telling her that louis vuitton bags dont come with plastic on the handles. THAT IS SO WRONG! dont louis vuitton has plastic over the handles at times? I got my dentelle speedy with plastic still on! But if the bag is indeed authentic, I'll be pissed at those crude remarks there..

    So ladies, will you use a red marker to label your bag and am I right about the plastic on handle?
  2. I would not mark my bags just for inventory. I think I can find other ways to inventory my bags if I had so many that I needed to do so.

    I don't know about the plastic handles but when I got my Berkeley, I don't think it came with plastic but then again I'm not positive because the S.A. took it to the back & put the handles on for me. I would definitely be pissed off if the seller isn't lying about the handles :cursing:
  3. I would never in a million years mark my bags like that! There are plenty of ways you could mark a bag - eg. hang a tag from it or place a card inside of it - rather than permanently disfigure it.
  4. They can come with plastic on the handles... it all just depends...
  5. Hmmm.....why would you mark your bags for inventory? How bizarre!!! I know that I got my speedy with plastic on the just depends.
  6. My bags from eLuxury about 75% of the time have plastic on the handles.
  7. Also, that is ridiculous to use a permanent marker inside of a bag just to label it for "inventory". I have never heard of that. How weird!!!
  8. Usually the SA removes the plastic before they give it to you, but sometimes they don't. I asked & my SA complied, that he leave the plastic on my Pampelonne because I knew I wouldn't be using it for a few months. The person asking those questions needs to be more informed, if you call Vuitton they will also tell you that bags do not come with date codes :rolleyes:
  9. That red mark is awful looking, I cannot imagine doing that to a lovely LV! Most of the time I would say LV bags come with the plastic off, but they most certainly can come with plastic on, it just depends. Things are getting quite heated in the Q&A section of that auction though!