Some One Spilled Paint On My Keepall!!!

  1. That is Marc Jacobs and the late Stephen Sprouse. I have been after a silver keepall since I can remember, finally got one. The suitcase in the first picture was made by me ( cut the wood, nailed it, added the leather, and painted it) I was so inspired back when this collection came out that I made my own graffiti version of the alzer. I only use it as storage though. Enjoy the pics!:yes:
    CIMG2347.JPG CIMG2344.JPG
  2. OMG, when I read your title I thought someone really had spilled paint on your keepall LOL
    Great idea on the suitcase!
  3. Its gorgeous!

    And your so creative!
  4. I was almost too scared to open this thread...but I'm glad it was in jest! Congrats and I LOVE that trunk you made!
  5. :wtf:My first i thought someone DID spill paint on your bag....

    HAHA You tricked me alright!! Nice suitcase btw:tup:
  6. :tup: on the thread title!!

    very creative indeed!
  7. Omg Congratulations.
  8. its gorgeous the silver combo is definitely my favorite !
  9. You made me nervous there for a second. I am love with your keepall and you did such a great job with the trunk.
  10. wow you are very handy/creative. love your keepall.
  11. great job on the trunk!
  12. Oh my --- scared me there for a second!!! Very creative!
  13. Very clever indeed! Congrats, that is a rare and stunning find for sure!
  14. So gorgeous, and my heart almost stopped when I read the title!
  15. ^^ That is exactly what I thought! I thought how horrific is this thread going to be. Glad to see everything is ok!