Some One help - I want to many spys AHHHHH

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  1. I have come to the conclusion today that since my really happy week last week (after my good news) I just want to many Spys.

    My plan of action is to

    1st- Win the lottery

    2nd- Buy all the spys I want

    I want the Green Spy which is more or less impossible to get

    Next I want the Honey Wisteria Spy which I have found at Neiman Marcus but I do not think they post to England - why the USA does not do this I do not know as here in England people from the USA can just phone and buy what they want over the phone.

    Then I want one of these Limited Edition spys and so it goes on and what with the new spys coming out I think I am totally out of control.

  2. Hey, wait a minute... Have you been reading my itinerary!? That's my short-term plan! To hit the lotto, hit Fendi and git a Spy in every color.

    That was verrrrry smart of them to make the Spys in different colors and Barbie dolls or baseball cards or somethin'. That's how they market to kids, "...collect 'em all"! Oh, if only...:girlsigh:
  3. LOL Saich & katgrrl! :roflmfao:

    All I want is a money tree where the leaves that fall off are thousand dollar bills. I won't ask for anything more! :graucho:
  4. Hey, can I get one too? :roflmfao:
  5. What about a tree where the leaves are purses?!? lol That would save us a step! :graucho:
  6. That would have to depend on what purses they are! :P
    But honestly, I would still prefer just have money because I can alternate between purses and shoes, my other love!
  7. I'll be sure to send you some seeds if I ever get one! :roflmfao:
  8. Just phone NM and they do send to England, I saw a girl on here wearing this Wisteria spy and it look stunning on her so thought

    "I Want That Bag"

    It is completely sold out in Europe but found it in NM so at least if I decide to go for it I can get it Hopefully.

    Now tomorrow is the if anyone has any really Lucky numbers let me Know
  9. I went through the I can't live without a Fendi Sequined Spy phase. I only wish I could find one and then there is that spectacular pearl-like Spy they gave to Lindsay Lohan. What is really depressing is she probably didn't even pay for the darn thing.
  10. Oh, I can so relate to this thread! Right now, I want a sequin spy, a hologram spy, a white wisteria spy, a cherry spy, a crackled suede spy and of course, the green spy. I blame Decophile for the desire for the green spy. I was doing so well until that thread and seeing some pics! I'm hoping that this spy obsession may come under control. It's just so darn expensive! I'd be happy with a Spy tree though. :drool: :drool:

  11. Deco and I are dreaming of getting a green spy, I have the Cherry which is so beautiful and although did not win the lottery bought the Wisteria Honey spy yesterday from the lovely Fendigal through ebay.

    So what with the new spys coming out their is just so many I really need:graucho:
  12. Oooh! You're going to love the wisteria! She is divine!!! :love: :love: :love: Definitely post pics when she arrives! That is one bag I never get tired of looking at! :drool:
  13. I ended up getting my Wisteria from Fendigal which is so much better. Its brilliant buying from PF members you know you are going to get a brilliant bag and its keep in the "family"