SOME ONE HELP! Backordered Coach Legacy Pond Shoulder!

  1. Hi-
    I ordered a pond shoulderbag from yesterday and was told after purchasing it that the item is backordered. What does this mean? Do most backorders take awhile to be shipped? Should I cancel the order now, or do you think my order will even be shipped? I called the customer service rep and she said she does not know how long before it ships? Please help! Thanks so much.
  2. No clue but I LOVE that bag and was thinking I should be getting that too...

    I'm doing my taxes tomorrow -- I have a certain amount saved away that I think I will have to pay -- if it's less, I planned to get the legacy shoulder bag in pond.. God I hope it comes back soon!!
  3. I once read that one of the Purse forum ordered a bag online and it came up as backordered. The next day it came up in the system as having been shipped and she did receive her bag. Sometimes Coach is waiting for production to come in for these bags. Other times I believe that they are trying to find the bag for you. Either way I don't think that they would have taken your order if they could not fill it. Wait a bit, don't cancel the order. I think that you will get your bag soon. Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much, you girls are so nice and helpful and you all have such good taste for loving coach. I still prefer Coach to many other far more expensive bags, anymore backorder information I would appreciate greatly!
  5. Good luck. I ordered the Pond Shoulder Bag during PCE and wanted a satchel too. I got the satchel from eBay, actually cheaper than PCE! (Do you THINK the seller was surprised?)
  6. I had that happen a while back with my whiskey shoulder bag I ordered. It said it was backordered, which had me freaking out cause I was afraid I'd never get it. But eventually it was shipped to me, no worries. I'm sure you'll have your pond shoulder bag in no time. :yes:
  7. Great that news is a relief? How long did it take you to get your whiskey shoulder bag, and did it show an expected arrival date or just say backordered?
  8. How long did it take you to get it?
  9. They never listed a date for it. It just showed up as backordered, and then one day, boom I got a Fed Ex tracking thing saying it was going to show up in a couple of days. I don't remember how long it was though between it being listed as backordered and them shipping it out. I do remember that it wasn't very long at all. Not to worry, that pond shoulder bag will on your arm shortly. :yes:
  10. dont worry i'm sure it will be ther before you know it!!
    and ooh cant wait to see it
  11. Yes, please! Post pictures when you get it. I LOVE the pond shoulder bag. It's the one I'm using now and I totally love her. :drool: :heart:
  12. For those waiting; here is mine that I received in the PCE sale. I forgot to add it to my thread of "New PCE Goodies". It is a lovely bag; the color is so pretty.
    pond1.JPG pond2.JPG pond4.JPG pond5.JPG
  13. oh i was thinking about getting it too, i guess i should get on it before it's sold out.

    anyway, good luck i hope you get it soon!
  14. No idea about back orders. But it's a beautiful bag, please post pics when you get it =)
  15. Yey Now It Says Its In The Warehouse, Does This Mean It Is Availible? I Am So Excited!