Some of these stories make me a little afraid...

  1. to buy an LV bag.:worried:

    Will scary people follow me into parking lots?

    Will my inlaws/relatives resent me? Ironically, I own a few bags that cost more than certain LV bags, but most people are not familiar with their prices. Yet, I could carry a relatively inexpensive LV and people may change their opinion about me. If they only knew...:lol:
  2. I'm thinking the same thing. I've got three bags that each cost more than the LV I ordered yesterday (the Batignolles!), but I mentioned to my husband that none of our family members even know what the others were. Most everyone knows LV, though!
  3. You can always go with Epi or Suhali! They don't "scream" LV.:biggrin:
  4. It's crazy. I have a Botkier that costs more than a Speedy 30, but if I carried a Speedy 30, I'd get completely different responses.:amuse:
  5. You're right...but I want something in monogram so that I can experience the while "patina" thing. :amuse:

    :suspiciou I wonder if people get the same responses when they carry Damier pieces.
  6. There are lotsa monogram bags that have subtle styles that won't scream out LVs. True, that the mono canvas itself is full of LVs everywhere, but styles like speedy and bucket are actually pretty classic IMO. Suhali, on the other hand, have these gold hardwares that make the bags look more glamour.

    Don't let other ppl stopping you from buying the bags you like to own. That's just MHO.
  7. Thats true Suhari and epi don't scream LV. Most people know the monogram logo and damier.
  8. That's one of the reasons why I don't want a Speedy but then I reallly like the style of one and want to get one. I'm also very torn!!! ugh!
  9. Buy what you love - other people should have no input in what you wear and enjoy - The mono Speedy is actually a modest bag for LV, although a classic, it is fairly low on the price scale - others who know LV will know that - and if they don't, they won't even know if its real.
  10. ^^ Ditto. I love my Speedies and I don't care if people think they're fake or if my friends think I should be saving the $ isntead.
  11. Carry a brick in the bag. If somebody give you a hard time, SMACK 'EM with it.
  12. Well, what do you think is the most understated LV monogram canvas shoulder bag? I need something that zips.
  13. That's a great mindset to have! I love it!
  14. No, I doubt people would follow you into parking lots just because you have a LV. Thieves target people who look like they don't know what they are doing, distracted or obviously not from the area. Plus, I'm sure you would be keeping a close eye on the bag. That awareness makes you less of a target.

    As for family members, it depends on whether "money" is a big deal for them. If money is tight and they know LV bags, they may feel uncomfortable. If you don't flaunt it, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    LV monogrammed bags are quite flashy so people will probably stare if they are uncommon where you live/frequent, so you will definitely get more attention. The amount of attention totally depends on the area you're in. Less well off communities you may receive more negative attention, middle to upper-middle class communities you may receive more complements, and super wealthy areas, no one will bat an eye.

    My opinion, based on observations. :biggrin:

  15. If you really want an LV, go for it! Who cares what other ppl think, right? As for the ppl following you into parking lots thing, I guess just don't carry LV if you know you're going to be in a seedy part of town.

    Can't wait to hear what you decide to get (if you do decide to get one)!