some of (solitair's) bags

  1. well
    im changing my dressing room now and everything is a mess:shame:
    so i'll show u some of my bags..well..what i can find anyway:weird:

    i'll start with dior...the green is a special order as i choose the colour and had to wait for a month to have it ready
    20060422.jpg 20060422(001).jpg 20060422(002).jpg 20060422(003).jpg
  2. lovely bags :smile: please post all ur bags here :P ive seen u post bags everywhere lool i would like to see them all in one place.. btw inti do u have LVs? I only saw your chloe, chanel and now the beautiful diors :biggrin:
  3. omg your green dior is tdf! its gorgeous!
  4. fanastic color on the special order CD. Absolutely beautiful!
  5. more dior
    20060422(004).jpg 20060422(009).jpg 20060422(010).jpg 20060422(011).jpg
    20060422(012).jpg 20060422(013).jpg 20060422(014).jpg 20060422(015).jpg
  7. oops..more:shame:
    20060422(017).jpg 20060422(018).jpg 20060422(019).jpg 20060422(028).jpg
  8. Your two Dior bags with the butterflies are gorgeous! Great collection!
  9. last diors i promise :weird: well..i cant find the rest anyway
    20060422(055).jpg 20060422(070).jpg 20060422(071).jpg 20060422(072).jpg 20060422(075).jpg
  10. lovely! love them all.. very nice :smile: keep the pictures coming :P
  11. habibty

    i know..i've been posting my bags everywhere:biggrin:
    i'll try to find all of them and post them here:weird:
    yes i do have lv...but only 2...i'll show them soon:smile:
  12. gucci girl

    oh it's much nicer in person..when i use it ,everybody drools:biggrin:
    thanx for coming

    thanx alot...such nice words:shame:

    thanx a million..

    dont u ever eat?:biggrin:
  13. ok...sonya rykiel for a change
    rykl4.jpg srykl.jpg srykl2.jpg srykl3.jpg
  14. valentino
  15. ooops:weird:
    val.jpg val2.jpg val4.jpg