Some of our furry children

  1. I'm always looking at everyone's pets, and I hadn't posted any of our furry kids! Here are a few pictures--the first is of our former foster and now adopted boy, Ishi. He came to us at ten months old, as a foster dog. He had been rescued from a reserve, and was very unhealthy. He has a dent in his forehead, poor love! We (my husband and I as well as our own dogs) fell in love with him, and he didn't want to leave, so we adopted him! He is MUCH healthier now, and handsome, we think!

    The second pic is of Ishi and his little sister, Rowan. Ishi has a way with puppies--when we had other foster dogs, he was so patient and gentle with them! Rowan is HIS dog--they are inseparable!

    Thanks for looking!
    Ishi.jpg Ishi and baby Rowan cuddle.jpg
  2. Cute, Cute, Cute!
  3. They are so cute together:love:
  4. Adorable!! You have beautiful dogs!!
  5. Aww Ishi and Rowan are adorable together!!!
  6. Way too cute!!
  7. What a sweet story--they're so cute!
  8. that is adorable how they cuddle together!
  9. Awe :smile:
  10. Aaaaw, they're so cute :love:
  11. haha that last one!! so cute, so so cute.
  12. What sweet babies!!!
  13. awww!! so cute!! thanks for sharing!!
  14. Your babies are adorable!!!

    Kudos to you for fostering...I can't wait until I have my own house and I can foster too! ;)
  15. Aww, they're so cute cuddling next to each other. :love: