Some of my vintage bags: Moschino and Anya Hindmarch

  1. Two of my favourite vintage bags! Apologies, once again, I'm still learning the camera!
    Hindmarch1.jpg Hindmarch2.jpg Hindmarch3.jpg Moschino1.jpg Moschino2.jpg Moschino3.jpg Moschino4.jpg
  2. PS (the photos were taken over two different days... I didn't change dresses in between (!) )
  3. lol its okay... but I love the dresses also!! they look cute on you!
  4. Thanks, Danica. You're really sweet!
  5. LOVE the purses! Did you get them online or at a local store?
  6. ^^^ One was passed on to me, through a family member. The other I bought through ebay (a great seller, and I knew what to look for).
  7. Love the Anya Hindmarch. The handle is so cool!
  8. melisande - love love love the dresses and the bags. I love vintage anyway but those two are TDF. Both dresses are great but I particularly like the pattern of the first - it looks kinda vintage too, is it?
  9. love your bags... and i sure love your dresses too...
  10. I love your bags but have to admit I have to have the first dress! I love that pattern! :smile: Is it vintage?
  11. cool bags and outfits..

    love the handle on this bag

  12. I LOVE THEM!!!! :yes:

  13. Yes, amazing! :yes:

    Like an antique walking stick! :heart:
  14. Hi Katy, that's so nice of you! No the dresses aren't vintage. They are both from this season. I was given the first dress, by my mother. It's a summer Cacharel dress -- I love the print on it as well. I bought the second one -- I can't remember the designer, but it wasn't an expensive dress.
  15. Thanks to everybody for being so nice!