Some of my recent purchases *pics*

  1. I had surgery this summer and have been having it rough at work the last few months. Being a strong believer in retail therapy (cause shopping cures all kinds of ills) I went on a bit of a shopping spree the last few weeks with money I had saved up (amazing how easy it is to save when one is laid up because of surgery, so can't spend any money). I've been dying to share my excitement over my new additions and got around to taking pictures today. :smile:

    My Omega Constellation is off having it's bracelet refinished so I used that as excuse to purchase the Michele mini deco watch I had been lusting after (so much prettier in person than I was expecting it to be). I bought the Shimmer Grey sparkle leather strap from Nordstrom for it (I think it works as a great dress strap for it) and am looking forward to having a varied collection of straps for it eventually.

    Next I took out two rings I have had on layaway at my jeweler's for a small eternity (my family has been using them for a really long time so the owners are really awesome about letting me take forever to pay things off). The first is a Turquoise and diamond ring in white gold that goes with a pendent and earrings I have (I actually put all three away at the same time, but have had the earrings and pendant home for several years; no clue why I waited so long to get the ring out of layaway - it's really pretty). The second has become a new favorite of mine (I've worn it everyday since I brought it home!). It is a white gold diamond triple band rolling ring. It's beyond gorgeous in person and I am so excited to have it home finally.

    Last but not least, I have always wanted to own the Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany Heart tag bracelet. When I was in high school my parents gave me a silver one that is similar to the Tiffany one for Christmas. I have worn it often since then (I'm now 25) so I figured the actual Tiffany one would be a good investment for me. I finally went ahead and bought it for myself two weekends ago. It was my first time in a Tiffany's store and the whole experience was a lovely one. I think seeing how gorgeous a lot of their jewelry is in person may have been a bad thing though, as I now have added several pricey pieces to my wishlist. :sweatdrop: I love the bracelet and have not taken that off since getting it either. :smile:

    I'm broke now, but my mood is vastly improved. :heart: Thanks for taking the time to read through my long back stories for all the pieces. I just couldn't help sharing my excitement over my new additions. ^_^
    rollingringswatch.jpg tiffpic.jpg wearingbracelet.JPG watchwrollingring.jpg
  2. Very pretty pieces!! I love the watch and the ring!
  3. Stunning :woohoo:
  4. Love the ring in the first picture and the watch very nice, I am glad to hear your feeling better.
  5. Nice choices!! Congrats!
  6. Congratulations! Love your new additions. Eerything gorgeous, but my fave is your trinity rolling ring. I need to get one too. If it's not a problem, could you post some more pics please.
  7. Congrats on everything! Love the rolling ring and the watch!
  8. Lovely purchases!
  9. I love the watch!
  10. everything is so pretty!
  11. Thank you everyone. :smile:

    karo, it will take me a few days, but I don't mind taking more pictures for you. :smile:
  12. very nice!
  13. Very nice! I hope you feel better!