Some of my new purchases :)

  1. I went on a bit of a spree over the weekend :shame: . What do you guys think of some of my new purchases?

    See by Chloe top with little skulls on it - I saw this a few weeks ago, and couldn't get it out of my mind, so I finally purchased it (picture from NAP)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Habitual Jeans - I'm not entirely sure that I'll keep these since I'm still trying to decide if I like the skinny jean trend (picture from Revolve Clothing).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Rock and Republic Jeans - similar to the one shown above - slightly different wash and regular silver buttons.

    Dress by Velvet (picture from Anthropologie)

    Anthropologie - my dress obsession continues into the fall
  2. Very nice! :yes:

    Enjoy your new clothes! :biggrin:
  3. Very nice I agreee!!!! Congrats on the shoppin spreee!!
  4. Wow, Suli, I love everything you got, especially the skull shirt! Congrats, I :heart: shopping sprees; I don't go on enough! lol!
  5. nice rock and republics.. have them!
  6. I love all your new clothes! But I like the blue jeans better than the black ones! I love the dresses, and the colors, sooo cute!
  7. wow! super fab purchases!!! I love the top on the rock &republic jeans!! its sooo chloe!! do you know who its by??

    I have to say, I dont' like the skinny jeans, but I don't like them full stop, on anyone, even top models. In the pic the model even looks like shes got big hips!! grr! vile evil skinny jeans, should all be burnt & shot! bleugh.

    but thats just me. I have them :biggrin:

    I adooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrre your black dress! its sooo Temperley!
  8. wow, great stuff, i think our styles are very similar! anthropologie is the greatest place in the world for dresses, btw.
  9. Great purchases! The See by Chloe top is so cute!
  10. Love those jeans!

  11. I agree, I don't think those jeans look flattering on that model's figure, but that's because she's got relatively large (compared with the rest of her), very rounded, hips.

    On someone less pear-shaped (even if they were bigger in general), with straighter hips, they'd look fine.

    It's all about proportion. :yes:
  12. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

    I actually took both pairs of jeans into work to ask my co-workers (I don't have any girlfriends in the area) what they thought...and we concluded that the skinny jeans needed to go back. I'm guessing that I won't be falling into this trend for now.

    And, ParkAvenuePrincess, you should check out the Neiman Marcus website about the top paired with the Rock & Republic jeans. I got the picture from the site, so it might be something that they are selling as a recommendation piece with the jeans. Good luck!
  13. oh chloe I nkow, but I honestly have never ever seen anyone wearing skinnys & thoguht 'wow, they look nice' I mean, even Kate Moss looks like shes wearing a denim nappy in them! urgh!

    Suli, I wasn't directing my comment on those skinnys at you, I was just venting my hatred of the damn things:biggrin: :flowers:
    I started a thread about the to as I'm sooooooooo determined to get it.......
  14. Very, very nice!
  15. wow i really want that chloe top!