Some of my new goodies/accessories w/ pics.

  1. Hi! :smile: I was inspired to post some of my new goodies I've gotten over the past month or so by all of the amazing pics I see here! :p I found my Camelia sunnies at Nordstrom, my 6014's at NM, and the other pair in the corner is my new Oliver Peoples sunnies (they fit like a dream), which I just got the other day in Vegas! :supacool: After seeing takeoutbox/Irene's gorgeous post about her necklace with the darker amber crystal stones a while back, around that time I found mine w/ the lighter crystals at NM, and the prettiest ring to match the other day (though I don't know that I'll wear them together) at the Chanel boutique at Wynn in Las Vegas (the most amazing boutique)! :tup: Ohh, and they had the Bronze Cotton Club wallet I've been dying to find too... I was soo excited to get it!!! :heart: My pearl/gold metal necklace came home to me from Nordstrom with the help of a nice pfer (thanks)! :smile: Ohh, and my black crystal bracelet was the best find of IMO... when I went to Saks in Greenwich, CT a week ago, it was ridiculously on sale in it's own little bin (all by itself and begging for a mommy haha)... down from something like 1K (not sure of the retail price, but I know that it was high!) to a bit over $400!! :yahoo: Pics to follow, sorry in advance for the crappy quality of some of them! :shame:
  2. Ooo, can't wait.. Waiting for yr pics :smile:
  3. Wow! What great accessories! I love them!! Congrats
  4. i LOVE your goodies! absolutely gorgeous. You look hawwwt in the last pic with your sunnies on btw ;) Thanks for sharing!
  5. Love your new goodies!! Hehe~I've been eying on that wallet too!!!!
  6. Wow, they're gorgeous, TDF!!!
  7. I love all of your purchases, especially all of the new sunnies! I'm in the market for a new pair.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Great selection! I have those same Camellia sunglasses and they are fab.....enjoy all your goodies and thanks for the pics.
  9. Congrats! Looks gorgeous!
  10. Beautiful accessories. =)
  11. Nice goodies!! Congrats!!
  12. congrats on you new goodies they are fabulous!
  13. congrats, lots of nice goodies.
  14. Gorgeous!!!:yes: