Some of my friends want to meet you all!

  1. Here are some of my good friends! They asked to come and say hello.

    2 pics of my e-ring, one of my band, my emerald ring and one of my topaz/peridot bracelet from Harrods. I hope you enjoy as much as I love looking at all of your bling!
    family jewels 006.jpg family jewels 007.jpg family jewels 008.jpg family jewels 002.jpg family jewels 004.jpg
  2. ohhh ur ring is very pretty! Wheres it from?
  3. Its actually from a store in Jackson Mississippi called Juniker Jewelers. Its been around for over 60 years in the same family. I have actually looked at jewelery around the world and have never seen anything that compares to Juniker. My ring is from their "Mississippi Heritage Collection" they make antique looking rings that are out of this world...if your ever in the area check them out :kiss:
  4. Great taste. Love it all!:love:
  5. Gorgeous, especially your e-ring and band. I would love to see them together.
    I wish I lived somewhere near and could go to this shop. They must have more fabulous pieces.
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. ohhh man its tdf!! I wish i was around to check it out!!!!! :smile:
  7. very nice!
  8. Very nice, congrats!
  9. Your engagement ring is gorgeous! I love the bracelet.
  10. It's certainly a pleasure to meet your friends! :biggrin: You have spectacular jewelry!
  11. your friends are beautiful! great peices of jewerly, you are very lucky.
  12. Beautiful pieces! I especially LOVE your engagement ring!
  13. Ur friends are beautiful!!
  14. So kind of you to share!
  15. Love all of them!! thanks for sharing!