Some of My Current Favorites

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  1. I want to share some photos of some of my new favorites that we have in stock at Nordstrom Mall of America.
    SOHO White.JPG Python Hobo.JPG GST Silver.JPG Bordeaux Rock Flap.JPG Dark Green Rock.JPG
  2. Here are a few more photos.
    Dark Silver Classic Flap.JPG Sharpey Tote Black.JPG Bubble Quilt Tote.JPG
  3. Thank you!

    Does the Python Hobo come in black leather?
  4. great pictures...what size is the metallic silver flap? is that a med. or jumbo?
  5. It is a medium (A01112).
  6. Yes, it comes in black lambskin leather for $2350.
  7. The Bordeaux Flap and the Sharpei handbag is gorgeous! :biggrin: Thanks for sharing the pics CHANELboy!
  8. the Python hobo is hot! Thanks CB
  9. That silver flap is stunning!!!! Thanks for the pix!!!
  10. I love the python hobo, too!
  11. [​IMG]

    OMG i want this but in regular leather....what are the available colors in regular leather?
  12. Beige (pinkish color) or Black

  13. thank you!:yes:
  14. [​IMG]

    Does this come in more than 1 size or is it just the one? What are the apprx. measurments?

    Oh! One other question, what does the back of this bag look like? I've seen the fron in several photos but I have never seen the back.
  15. This one in the photo is approx the size of the baby cabas. There is a larger version that is the size of the original vinyl cabas. Also, there is a size that has a zip top rather than a flap that is slightly smaller than this one.

    The back is plain vinyl. The perimeter of the bag is quilted.