Some of My Current babies!!!!! Say Hi to everyone

  1. After a crazy shopping recently. I sold many bags to fund my J12 white watch.:sad:
    I felt so sad ti part with the bags I sold, But I think J12 is worth it.
    I miss my VL tote so much (which I sold it not long ago.) I always think about a chanel tote, and I could not live without one, so I got the Baby Cabas instead.
    And a brand new Med. Flap in black Caviar. After I tried different style and leather... E/W, Samll in lambskin, Med in GH, Jumbo in SH. (they all go to some lovely new home now)I set my heart on Med. with SH. I have not use it even she's been here for a while already. She is still live in the box, and waiting for the occasion to use her.:love: Also the Kelly bag, My mom paid for me as a gift. It is the most elegant bag.
    I love it a lot.
    However, I might have too many black bags(I also have Louis Vuitton Suhali L'aimable)...I might need to sell one or I wont have too many small black bags.
    That would be hard decision to make. Can anyone give me some idea?
    -Chanel Kelly
    -Chanel Med. Flap
    -LV Suhali L'aimable

    who should stay, who should go?'s are some of my Chanel for now. I want them to say Hi to my fellow PF girls.:woohoo:Hope you will like them.
    PA120761 (Medium).JPG
  2. I would let go of the LV. I'm biased..LOL Love your lux bowler btw :love:
  3. I would get rid of the LV too, but something tells me that in the Chanel forum everyone is going to say this;)
  4. loooove everything!! (I'm into chanel now)
  5. LOL ^^ hey girls, i agree with you! sell the LV! you can't blame us for being partial here... ;)
  6. :roflmfao: I guess we are all Chanel girls.....LOL I ask in the wrong section.
  7. poor LV- so helpless and defenseless in this den of tigers.

    But I agree lose it so you can use the funds for something else colorful!
  8. Specially for you, Alaska:heart:
    PA120772 (Medium).JPG
  9. I seriously love every single piece in your Chanel collection (very well-editted!) and would recommend getting rid of the LV if you must sell one of the bags. AFAIK LV price hikes are nowhere nearly as drastic as Chanel ones, so you can probably re-buy the LV at a later time if you want to.
  10. Thank you so much for the kind words ladies!!!

    I am so glad you like them :tender:
  11. ur the :devil:

    that bag is awesome X 10.

    :lol: I feel like a teenager - "That bag is awesome times ten"
  12. not a fan of LV
  13. Beautiful collection Phoebe!! :heart:
    I would adopt your Baby Cabas any day! :biggrin:
  14. Great collection. Nice variety of styles.
  15. I think LV Suhali L'aimable should go.

    Not because I'm into Chanel now, but because L'aimable is so tiny and not roomy enough ..

    Ps. Love your collection, though:love: