Some of my Collection....:)

  1. are some of my favorite pieces I have...sorry for not being able to do the smaller pics...thanks for letting me share:smile: :

  2. wow amazing! beautiful trunks!!! :heart:
  3. welcome to the tPF..You have a great collection, love the trunks. thanks for sharing.
  4. :love: :heart: alll your treasures, especially your to-die-for trunks (breathtaking.)

    I also :heart: your multicolored leather drawstring (LV?) Soooo pretty.
  5. I love the suitcases. I have always wanted one myself. Way to go
  6. I love those trucks, your entire collection is amazing!
  7. Wow, I :heart: those trunks. Nice collection you have there. Congrats and welcome:flowers:
  8. Beautiful! You have a nice patina on those wallets.
  9. wow, wonderful goodies u got there..
  10. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: The TRUNKS are TDF!!!! Very nice collections you've got there!:love: Thank you for sharing!:flowers: :heart:
  11. Heck yes!!! That hard-sided luggage is TDF!!!! I've never seen so many Keepalls!!! lol. :heart: it all.

    Impressed? You bet I am!
  12. :nuts: :nuts: love your trunks!! :love:
  13. i especially love the keepalls!
  14. great collection!
  15. Love your keepall collection, they look so cute together ! :biggrin:
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