Some Of My Collection! PICS ENJOY!

  1. Started to take some pictures of my collection, have to pull some more things out of the closet, I promise to post later!:yahoo:
  2. great collection! I'm really loving the grey beauty in your second pic!
  3. Some got cut off here are the rest
  4. How fabulous! You have such beautiful pieces. That pink with the mesh like material is so cool. I love the chain on it. Thanks for posting.
  5. gorgeous collection!
  6. i love your collection! thanks so much for posting!! :heart:
  7. Love em all!
  8. That's a beautiful and colorful collection, love the grey lambskin! Thanks for sharing!
  9. yowza, great taste!!
  10. Ohh they are all soo gorgeous! Nice taste!!!
  11. great collection!!! what color is that bowler -- is it the dark silver? It's TDF!!!! i'm totally drooling right :p
  12. GORGEOUS collection! ♥
    I love 'em all.
  13. Love them!! :tup::heart:
  14. Fabulous collection! Love the Luxe Ligne bags. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Great Collection!!