some of my bags

  1. Hi Ladies, thought I should finally share the bags that I don't have in storage (NY apts have small closets :smile:

    My next bag will be an Hermes Kelly, so I haven't purchased a new bag in a few months. Which reminds me that I have an Hermes Garden Party that I have no idea where it is currently hiding!

    First off is my Chanel bag that I bought this summer at Saks:
    [​IMG] Here is my Jimmy Choo Riki and Chloe Bay. The JC bag is a rich burgandy color, not exactly like the pic
    Here is my beautiful ltd. edition Zac Posen silver python clutch that I bought at Saks a few months ago. It's really divine
    Here are some Ferragamo bags
    and a close up of the clutch, which is really intricate and amazing. I got it in March as a birthday present from my DH
    Here is a pleated Giorgio Armani bag. I haven't even carried it yet!
    Next up are my YSL bags
    And my Fendi Diavolo bag
    I have more to add, but it seems I reached my limit
  2. Love the Chanel and Ramona!
  3. wow, the chanel is impressive!
    all ur bags look really exotic , great collection you have here!
  4. I looove your Chanel bag! Great collection!:tup:
  5. love your collection!!
  6. Great collection, love the chanel and that blue on your chloe is absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Love your Ferragamos and Chanel! :smile:
  8. Wow, I love the details of all your bags!
  9. oh, yay, now that my thread finally got approved, I can post more bags!

    Here's my prada collection. Most are old, but I still love the one in the front, which was the first designer bag I bought for myself!
  10. And here's a Dolce & Gabbana bag I've had awhile, but still love
  11. And this beautiful crocodile clutch I bought a year ago or so
  12. Here's a gucci

    and here's another Ferragamo
  13. I absolutely love your zac posen clutch. It's gorgeous!
  14. Great collection:tup:
  15. love the chanel!